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The touch of your man..

Beth wrote a post about being connected the other week and I commented saying I was going to make an effort to close my laptop at 9pm each night so I could 'hug my hubby'. For me it is all to easy to work through until midnight each night and whilst not doing so means I will have more work to do during the day I truly don't care..

I have done what I said and I am loving the down time, sitting with our skin touching and watching our chosen channels together, going to bed with an empty head has helped my sleeping AND we are pottering off to bed earlier as our bodies are switching off earlier thanks to a lack of  on line entertainment.

The best bit though is me working to the deadline of 9 where I turn in off for the touch of my man, head out of the gutters peeps, snuggling rocks!

Do you work at night? Do you and your man even like the same programs? 

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