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Ava and Indiana's Room

Shot by Nadia ands created by Natalie I was blown away when I saw this room.. I love the dark walls with the amazing polka dots.. SO different and the other colours in the nursery just jump off the wall!!.

The dark walls with polka dot wall decals are so so clever

The stunning Peacock Chair with matching sidetable and our beautiful cushion are delectable

I cannot get enough of these Sonny Angels
Accessories make a room.. The Happy Cloud and Tribal Bunny are PERFECT!

Cute bookshelves with artwork to let them know they are loved..

A cosy corner with cushions that will last them until their teens 

If you use furniture that has multiple uses you can make them last forever too :)

Do you like the dark walls? I adore how it shows up the pastels so well..


  1. Loving the pastel shades with the dark wall. Perfection!

  2. I love the use of a bag as storage ! This is a really great idea. No longer are boxes need to use for storage.

  3. MAN! I love this so much, I can't even put it into words!



  4. I love it! I love the brown walls making all the colourful goodies come to life. x

  5. I think it does make the colours pop, but I never would've thought to use dark colours especially in a nursery. I LOVE the sonny angels, might have to get a few myself!

  6. Gorgeous room, although I don't think I could do dark walls, but it's an interesting concept.

  7. OMG! It is simply amazing. I want that to be my room.

  8. That is the exact colour of a wall in my bedroom and I was thinking about painting over it... now I am thinking I might keep it ;) xx


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