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I don't make mistakes..

I may do things incorrectly or go about things the wrong way but I don't see them as mistakes. It can't be a mistake if you learn something from it that makes you stronger or teaches you something new can it?

It's all about how you come out of situations, like I said that I don't do grudges well same goes here. I don't do grudges as they take up too much negative energy, they make me sad and just don't get me to a better place in life whatever I do with them. Mistakes are just the same. Learn a lesson and move on.

Clearly some mistakes can effect others and I am the first to apologise if it is not for the better but as I never go out to harm someone it is usually pretty simple and as I have said to many of my mates over the years as we have ridden the waves 'a true friendship will endure'.

I have had a laugh of late with business stuff.. DTLL has clearly got to a stage where businesses we cross genres or possibly consumers with see us as a threat of sorts.

I have had such a laugh at mistakes in business over the past 2 years..

People asking my web boys to build them a website ' just like DTLL', 
legal letters with no weight about words used in our advertising spaces,
sly approaches to my trusted staff to poach them to another firm
all the way to blatant bullying of small businesses into putting all their eggs in one basket for no promise of any return.

Every time it has reminded me how I just don't do mistakes.

I partnered with my web boys and we built DTLL from scratch..
I use a professional for our ads, he knows the law and we know our rights
My staff are loyal, I wouldn't employ someone who would jump ship easily.. no idea why anyone else would want to either
There are reasons we care about our stores sales and whether they are getting sales.. it is called having a future..

You know when you write a post and think why did I write this? should I even publish it? That is me right now but I will because I might learn something and if I wrote it I clearly feel the need to share it

Do you manage to see the positives in stuff, make mistakes much?


  1. I adore your level head.

    I've found similar peace within my own life within the last year. Ish.

    It's a really great place to be.


  2. Sunday mornings on the verandah in my robe, cup of tea, husband and pooches with the music in the background.

  3. I always learn so much from your blog posts, Tessa. I'm also learning so much from you thanks to our friendship. I'm super proud to be part of the DTLL family and honoured to call you a friend.

  4. Awesome post. I make mistakes aplenty. It can take me a little while to see the benefit, but I usually get there in the end x

  5. I only discovered your blog recently and love it. I don't do grudges either but I sure as hell make mistakes. I like to think that I learn from them. Thanks for sharing. :)


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