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Snap Happy

Monday past I was treated to a few hours out of the office for the launch of the most amazing Olympus DSLR.. hosted by Fat Mum Slim , the uber babe of photography it was not just fab to hang out with her and play with the camera but to top it off we were lunching at Otto's. TOTALLY spoilt.

We are looking to buy a news DSLR as have a huge family gathering this Christmas but are doing a bit of a road trip prior to arrival. Our DSLR just takes up too much space and weight to be lugging around with the kids, rental car and travelling who knows where to boot..

Before I tell you about this baby let me say, no one knew beforehand I needed to get a new camera soon and this is not sponsored nor do we get and cashola off for saying it is fab (I wish)

I am actually going to sum it up pretty quick then go research any competition..

Its small and light
Looks kinda retro
Can do Manual or Auto
Has a touch screen, touch where you wanna focus, it does so and snaps the picture.
You can add filters to bling up pictures before downloading
On wi fi you can use the free app to shoot the images across from camera to your phone album SUPER quick.
BEST bit, set up the camera and use your phone as a view finder to set up the picture from a far and hit the button to take a picture.. how friggin' cool for those family pictures from a far.. we have 23 to fit in one frame!!!

What camera do you use? Any advice for a serious quality camera but not as big as my Canon DSLR?

The Collective

Do you know it? The wickedest mag I ever did read..

game changers // thought leaders /./ rule breakers // styler makers

For me to keep coming back month after month a magazine has to inspire me, I love pretty pictures and adore my home interiors mags but these days I like food for the brain.

The Collective ALWAYS delivers and I am just a little proud to be in there on a double page spread this month.. yep that is me up there :)

Quinoa Patties they kids will eat..

I grabbed this recipe from this awesome cookbook and was so chuffed when the kids demolished them!

I shared this on FB and Instagram and of course was asked for the recipe so here I am.. comment if you can't read something and I will look it up but I took the easy way to share by photographing the recipe

My life lately..

: Well if you follow me anywhere other than here you all know I got my Dexter. Truly he is bringing me so much work but so much more joy. I love training them but if I am honest Harrington's sight words have taken a back seat and that is REALLY naughty
: My gorgeous Auntie turned 50 on the same day her hubby was 65 and the same day they got married. Nutty huh?!.. we celebrated in style and Marcus's parents flew in from the UK on a budget ticket (FYI China Airways are amazeballs they said) to totally surprise them.. it was so much fun.
: I am so happy and sorta proud I pushed my beautiful graphic designer into starting a store and doing some work for something awesome we can reveal next month.. she is getting a brilliant response and well that makes me buzz, this is what my DTLL dream was all about..
: I bought this baby.. for me and it arrived packaged for Kitty, lets just say we 'might' share :)
: Hubby's away for a week and I just had to go down with the most killer headcold.. Murphys Law!
: 17 yrs with my amazing man....What Tha?
: Every week I play with flowers at home, mostly from the garden or foraging, this was from the bouquets at my Aunties 50th
: I was rather chuffed to be a featured editorial in The Collective this month, I read it cover to cover and find it so inspiring it was a total buzz to be there
: I was allowed to trial the new Dyson this month, I malt, the dog will malt and my previous ones did for sure and our house is open most of the day with the kids running in and out all the time so I have had a Dyson since the day they launched. It IS better than my current one and recently when I met them I said they needed to introduce a trade up program as its is like iPhones. You own one and the minute the next one comes out you want to upgrade!

Do you have a Dyson? My point valid? anyone else flown an amazing cheap airline? Do share!!

BBQ Jerk Chicken... oh yes purlease

Guy is back and he promises this one will make you lots of friends..
Grab the ingredients and then get watching :)

I am not helping anymore...

I love to help, truly I do I mean hell DTLL was born from me sharing my finds with mates and realising they may not be alone in their lack of ability to find what I had..

Since creating DTLL I have been front of house for customer service, behind the scenes helping the stores who join us learn how to market themselves and all over the social media along with presenting at events. Let's just say I have met all sorts of people and helped in all sorts of ways and more to the point is I have LOVED it..

So why my dramatic title? well its not all that dramatic. I am just going to be far more selective.

I am not going to waste my time trying to help someone that doesn't appreciate it.
I will not be bending over backwards for rude people. I have previously tried to kill them with kindness and from now on I will be polite and leave it at that.
More importantly I am not going to allow people with no moral compass to even come close to my circle of friends.

Last week for the first time I asked a store on DTLL to leave, they never appreciated any press we got for them (or just never said thanks), requested things be done for them as if they were the only store on DTLL and last of all wasted our time a lot due to sloppy communication.

Did I ever think I would ask someone to leave that was making good sales? Hell no! BUT the thing is times change, you grow wiser and older and I now recognise I value my staff and my sanity over a cash dollar value.

So guess what. I am not helping those type of people anymore

The same goes for customers, they are always right huh? well no not always (even though I let them be 95% of the time) but last week I also had a customer claim one of our stores to be a liar and a thief as she said she had paid for something it had not turned up so this meant the store was lying that they had posted it and a thief for taking her money. I explained calmly that I was sure this was not the case and simply a delay in the mail (it had been all of 5 days after all) however after 3 further emails stating the same thing but with even more gusto I had to call it and refunded her in full and told he to go and shop elsewhere.

Of course the item turned up the next day and she came back to say so and pay me (again).

So guess what. I am not helping those style of customers anymore, they can go and call someone else a liar as I don't want their money.

I will focus my help on those that need  want and most of all appreciate it.

I want to ensure my moral compass stays firmly intact and if that means a few less dollars in my pocket then so be it

Have you ever stood up for someone you don't know in person? How did that go? Are you a compulsive helper? 

Cannes Film Festival no less


Happy Anniversary Lover Boy..

I arrived on your doorstep and you opened your doors.
I changed your fashion a little, you changed my life a lot.
I gave up bad habits, to share better ones with you.
My little family of 4 became one of 14

From London to Manchester, Wales and Marbella.. family became my everything
Travel was fun but my favourite trip was the one to our home town for our wedding day

The past 17 years have been filled with love.
We have achieved so much and our marriage is my idea of perfection
You are a keeper and I consider myself blessed to wake up beside you every day
Happy Anniversary Marcus White.. I adore you more than words can ever describe

Pale it up for me...

I was never a lover of colour before I moved to my current house (which I was reminded the other day was 4 years ago, I was sure it was 3 but can't argue with what was a newborn next door that is now 4).

I am now a lover of colour for sure but make it soft will you? No primary colours, happy with neon and love a bit of tutti frutti but my passion is for pastels..

I just thought I would share a few inspirations from my Pinterest Boards I used to share images often and lost my way but I enjoy it so am going to get back to it..  
Whats your favourite colour? 

Sexy Dexy

I just had to share this little collection of images..

There is something about animals in their younger years, especially puppies, that needs capturing.. those years shape the adult they become.

I am a tough cookie when it comes to training in the early days and little Dexy is getting the benefits of him being the 5th dog I have been around since puppydom. We are on an intensive program of exposure to every scenario possible at his age but on this day it all went out the window in pursuit of his true happiness.


Chloe came over and he ran, rolled, barked and bounced to his hearts content, there was chewing and chasing, nibbling and then... nothing.. he crashed.

Crashed like the happiest of pups and Chloe from Missy and Me went home to edit...

I could not recommend the whole experience highly enough, fabulous memories for me to frame and Dexter had a ball!


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Healing Hearts

I never thought this feeling would pass and it hasn't really. I was determined not to have another dog until next year (for purely practical reasons) but it all just felt wrong. Our house felt empty, my office was far too silent and our family was incomplete.

I hopped onto Pet Rescue one night and from then it was all over red rover...

I knew I wanted a rescue dog,
I knew I wanted a dog that was small to medium size,
I knew I wanted a dog with strong character traits,
I didn't care about age but wanted to have the chance to train it my way,
I knew I wanted a girl and I knew I couldn't wait until next year

So after a month of searching I found a little girl called Mischief in Blacktown, a Staffy X Pup..

It felt wrong to be excited so soon after loosing my precious Obi but I squealed inside as I drove into the street where the foster parents were with the litter

I arrived and another family were there viewing the 3 remaining in the litter and my heart raced, 'don't you take my Mischief!'..

I watched the pups, observed their style, studied their markings and gave a few whistles to see who responded. I cuddled them all and again watched the way they interacted amongst the other dogs and pups around them.

' I would love to take Bolt ' I said ' the little man'

So that day I came home with a rescue dog who will be small to medium size. Staffy's have strong character traits and being a cross Border Collie too will be blissful to train. Ok so I chose a boy but I followed my gut and he just felt right..

That very moment I walked out the gate my heart started healing...

We named him Dexter after some help on FB  and we will steer him clear of becoming a serial killer we promise...

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A Happy Little Honeycomb..

I have always wanted to know how to make this and never realised it was so easy!!

Have you ever made it? looks fun huh?!