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Healing Hearts

I never thought this feeling would pass and it hasn't really. I was determined not to have another dog until next year (for purely practical reasons) but it all just felt wrong. Our house felt empty, my office was far too silent and our family was incomplete.

I hopped onto Pet Rescue one night and from then it was all over red rover...

I knew I wanted a rescue dog,
I knew I wanted a dog that was small to medium size,
I knew I wanted a dog with strong character traits,
I didn't care about age but wanted to have the chance to train it my way,
I knew I wanted a girl and I knew I couldn't wait until next year

So after a month of searching I found a little girl called Mischief in Blacktown, a Staffy X Pup..

It felt wrong to be excited so soon after loosing my precious Obi but I squealed inside as I drove into the street where the foster parents were with the litter

I arrived and another family were there viewing the 3 remaining in the litter and my heart raced, 'don't you take my Mischief!'..

I watched the pups, observed their style, studied their markings and gave a few whistles to see who responded. I cuddled them all and again watched the way they interacted amongst the other dogs and pups around them.

' I would love to take Bolt ' I said ' the little man'

So that day I came home with a rescue dog who will be small to medium size. Staffy's have strong character traits and being a cross Border Collie too will be blissful to train. Ok so I chose a boy but I followed my gut and he just felt right..

That very moment I walked out the gate my heart started healing...

We named him Dexter after some help on FB  and we will steer him clear of becoming a serial killer we promise...


  1. ZOMFG no wonder you were all over red rover. She's adorable!!! Hello Dexter! x

  2. Oh we so need another Dexter drop by - I need a fix of that gorgeousness xx

  3. Our staffy cross kelpie rescue puppy is a joy. We got her from the RSPCA when she was eight weeks and now, five years later, I absolutely cannot imagine life without her. She is a perfect mixture of smart and sook, she loves people and other dogs, she is the best. Enjoy your puppy!

  4. Gorgeous! I have a Border Collie called Gus and he is so incredibly well behaved and easy to train - their most loveable characteristic is that they just want to please all the time - enjoy Dexter, I'm sure he will be a great addition to the family!

  5. Animals are amazing creatures and their presence creates a fullness thats hard to explain and I think when you work from home the lost is even more noticeable.
    My husband is allergic to fur, But after some tests he was ok with poodles which is the only way I could have a dog.
    This was an adjustment for me I grew up with big dogs German Shepards, Rotties, Newfies, so to get a toy poodle (we have a small yard) was odd, I didn't want a yappy little dog!
    But now I wouldn't change it for the world, I love my poodles to pieces, I now have 2 Anton 12 and Spencer 8, they both have their own quirks and I would happily get the same again.
    I guess everything happens for a reason although the heartache for Obi is true and real, he now brought Dexter into your lives not a replacement but a new beginning. x

  6. Its true, a dog lover is a dog lover.. there are breeds I prefer but no breed I couldn't love x

  7. That is so fab to hear as I only really know the staffy side so excited to see how he moulds :)

  8. Oh I hope we get just the same.. he is a real mummys boy at the mo but as he spends all his time with me that is to be expected x

  9. I will always have him with me so you know you will see him again soon hun.. Friday actually :0)

  10. He is eatable Bron.. I will bring him over to see your kiddlywinx soon x

  11. Dexter is so adorable! After we lost our cat to cancer last year, we were pet-less for a few months before being blessed with our puppy, Amalfi. As heartbreaking as it is to lose an animal, we could never have an empty house. They fill your life with so much love and joy. x


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