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My life lately..

: Well if you follow me anywhere other than here you all know I got my Dexter. Truly he is bringing me so much work but so much more joy. I love training them but if I am honest Harrington's sight words have taken a back seat and that is REALLY naughty
: My gorgeous Auntie turned 50 on the same day her hubby was 65 and the same day they got married. Nutty huh?!.. we celebrated in style and Marcus's parents flew in from the UK on a budget ticket (FYI China Airways are amazeballs they said) to totally surprise them.. it was so much fun.
: I am so happy and sorta proud I pushed my beautiful graphic designer into starting a store and doing some work for something awesome we can reveal next month.. she is getting a brilliant response and well that makes me buzz, this is what my DTLL dream was all about..
: I bought this baby.. for me and it arrived packaged for Kitty, lets just say we 'might' share :)
: Hubby's away for a week and I just had to go down with the most killer headcold.. Murphys Law!
: 17 yrs with my amazing man....What Tha?
: Every week I play with flowers at home, mostly from the garden or foraging, this was from the bouquets at my Aunties 50th
: I was rather chuffed to be a featured editorial in The Collective this month, I read it cover to cover and find it so inspiring it was a total buzz to be there
: I was allowed to trial the new Dyson this month, I malt, the dog will malt and my previous ones did for sure and our house is open most of the day with the kids running in and out all the time so I have had a Dyson since the day they launched. It IS better than my current one and recently when I met them I said they needed to introduce a trade up program as its is like iPhones. You own one and the minute the next one comes out you want to upgrade!

Do you have a Dyson? My point valid? anyone else flown an amazing cheap airline? Do share!!


  1. Definitely has to be my engagement ring - my husband proposed with the diamond and then we designed the setting together :)

  2. These Geo Studs are my favourite piece of jewellery. It was love at first sight. Perfect for every occasion!

  3. My favourite piece of jewellery has to be one of the treasures my girls make for me. At the moment I love the greenish, snail like broken shell threaded onto a piece of kitchen cotton my daughter Mimi made for me for no particular reason.


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