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Sexy Dexy

I just had to share this little collection of images..

There is something about animals in their younger years, especially puppies, that needs capturing.. those years shape the adult they become.

I am a tough cookie when it comes to training in the early days and little Dexy is getting the benefits of him being the 5th dog I have been around since puppydom. We are on an intensive program of exposure to every scenario possible at his age but on this day it all went out the window in pursuit of his true happiness.


Chloe came over and he ran, rolled, barked and bounced to his hearts content, there was chewing and chasing, nibbling and then... nothing.. he crashed.

Crashed like the happiest of pups and Chloe from Missy and Me went home to edit...

I could not recommend the whole experience highly enough, fabulous memories for me to frame and Dexter had a ball!


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