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Calm Sweet Puppy, Be Calm

Now you all know I got my Dexter recently.. I admit now it was not that well planned and I was led by my broken heart. No I am not giving him back but had I planned to have to train and puppy whilst my husband was absent for nearly a month and I had to solo parent the kids and run the business I may have waited a tad longer to save my sanity!

He is a staffy x border collie and has been a dream to train (most likely due to the collie side) but as with most things it can't all be  abed of roses and the little chap has massive separation anxiety (a staffy trait). I read a few places that people use rescue remedy so I decided to contact one of our DTLL stores that makes homeopathic remedies to get hem to create a bespoke one for me.

As often happens to me, it was meant to be as they had just released a range especially for the fur kids called happy tails so two days later it arrived and I have been using it for over a week.. he genuinely seems less anxious. He doesn't want us to leave him at home yet but he is happy to chill in one room when we leave for another and he is ok if I pop into a shop whilst out travelling (he used to wail for as long as I was gone non stop) so I am now looking forward to extending those periods at home and having him far less under my feet with every move.

I know so many people with dogs that suffer the same and so I felt I just had to write a post about it to share.. the drops will clearly last a long time as I am 10 days in and mine hardly looks touched despite using the stated dose in his water daily without fail.

They have one for specific fears and one for generally nervous dogs and at $25 I was over the moon given we started by trying an $80 adaptil thing from the vet which mad no difference at all..

I use their remedies for myself throughout the year so Thank you to the lovely Kinkit Girls.. it seems you have my whole family sorted....

Does your dog have fears? My dog when I was a kids used to climb in a cupboard if fireworks started!

Love that Look : Offspring

How can you not? Nina's House is divine and she has updated a tad since last season with not just the gorgeous Baby Zoe but few house changes too :)

I love that her bedroom always uses soft tones but is still funky by using amazing bedlinen. The decor has industrial touches mixed with classic pieces and lots of raw textures like wood and concrete

I adore gallery walls as you can change things up at a whim and that simple pendant lamp ensures the focus stays on the wall not the lighting

Her taste in cushions is always as fab as her clothes with the passion for print in the cushions on a neutral base with a cotton/linen lounge...

1. The fabulous illustrated pillowcases are from this range..
2. Create your own industrial look from this store..
3. Modern and timeless made from glorious timber...
4. The classic shapes never go out of fashion and can move rooms easily..
5. Aztec and earthy cushions are easy to mix and match.... 
6. An easy selection at a very easy price..
7. Just in case you like Zoe's wardrobe too, it often comes from here..

My Trade

A while back I had a mild whinge about how is is just not meant to be that I will ever have a cleaner.. and well I never progressed to find another and it turns out I am fine with that.

It is not to say I would not still like one and really they could just come and clean the bathrooms. I do the kitchen as I go (oh maybe they could do the oven also, hate that) and I can't stand dirty floors so I hoover every other day so if I had one weekly or even fortnightly the only things I would be able to hold out on not doing would be dusting and those pesky (all of 1.5) bathrooms.

The thing is I went to a blogger event and met the team at Dyson. They didn't need to wax lyrical to me about the product as I already owned a barrel and hand held by them already and love them.

I did however put it to them that they could start an upgrade scheme as every time they bought out a new one I wanted to upgrade mine and unlike my iPhone there was not a certain month I knew this would be possible due to a given contract.

They showed me the DC54 Animal and I started to turn green as it had a few new whizz bang things that were just meant for me.. there was this head attachment that had little ovals that turned against each other to grab long hair and turn it into a little fur ball before whipping it up the tube. Anyone else malt like me? well my normal turbine head used to wrap those buggers around it and leave them there until I removed them.. no sucking up the tube..

THEN they showed me that it had no filter (because it has some whizz bang cyclones with oscillating tips that suck up way tiny particles)so I no longer needed to remember to clean that baby, um hello, less work, totally my bag...

Lastly they told me about the ball technology making it turn faster, tighter and smoother.. sure this thing is not a racing car?. Oh and then they said I could borrow it to try!. Marcus shuddered and I squealed.

So it arrived a week later and I fell in love.. we all know they look sexy but that 'animal' attachment for hair, well it confirmed I am an animal as it suckered up the daily malt with no leftovers. It felt stronger but maybe that was me in my honeymoon phase but it sure did work those corners and I was able to get to a couple of spots I had to hands and knees with the hand held before.

Moral of the story?
a) lets lobby Dyson to do trade up schemes
b) if you have an animal the animal version is well worth thinking about
c) if I had got that cleaner I would not have been able to afford to buy this baby
d) you know you can sell your old Dyson on eBay? I did :)

Do you own one? Do you love it? Did I really just write a post on a vacuum cleaner?

Wordless Wednesday

Chickpea Chocolate Cookies

Shut the front door..... gluten-free AND dairy-free AND vegan (if you use the right chocolate) AND my kids love them!

This was another I shared on Instagram, and was asked to share.. so again here I am.


210grams canned chickpeas, well-rinsed and patted dry
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
165 grams natural peanut butter (no oils etc)
80 grams honey (or agave)
1 teaspoon baking powder
a pinch of salt if your peanut butter doesn't have salt in it
90 grams chocolate chips (this is where you need to choose what style if you want totally dairy free)


Preheat oven to 175°C.
Combine all the ingredients, except for the chocolate chips, and process until very smooth.
Make sure to scrape to get the little chunks of chickpeas and process until everything is smooth
Put in the chocolate chips and stir
With wet hands, form into balls (makes about 10-12)
Place onto a lined or greased baking tray
Bake for about 10 minutes
They don't rise much and they also don't bake solid, they stay a bit gooey

The kids went in for the taste test and no word of a lie this is what I posted a couple of minutes later..

They do NOT taste like naughty, naughty cookies, they do taste a little healthy and a bit nutty but the kids demolished them and you can whip them up fresh in no time when just home from school so they are firmly in my box of tricks..

Will you give them a bash? Always on the lookout for more superfood or just heathy treats so chuck me a link if you have made any :)

Baby Space and Sharing Rooms

So Thanks to the fact we have two fabulous Interior Guru's in our DTLL Blogger Family we offered out some design advice on our FB Page and when Karien and Brin asked for advice on styling the their kids spaces I had to turn to Simone from Style.Life.Home

Baby/Spare room
Often these two separate rooms cross over and blend together to make the most of your space inside your home.
A great way to create a style that is less of a ‘baby’ theme and more of an extension of the style that you have through your home, also this allows your baby to grow into the space. (Remember this doesn’t have to be boring and grown up).
Ideas to think of are tubs that can be stored under the bed or in the cupboards to hide toys and extra items to allow easy access when needed but also to make your guests feel comfortable.
Display photos, books and baby keep sake pieces on shelves to allow less furniture in the room to creating more space for playing.

Now for boys sharing a room...
Children sharing a room that are two very different individuals can be a fun challenge.
Best way to create a space is have the same coloured bedding but adding individual coloured cushions and art, this way the room looks styled but you can also make each child feel special.
Have a bedside table or a shelf that they can place their own toys, books and personal items on.
Also create a themed ‘common’ area so they can play together and share toys.
When it comes to packing up have different boxes or tubs that are tucked away under their beds so they can clean and store away their own toys (I found this worked well for my girls when they shared a room).

If you need help trying to source any items for the kids room holler as always as very happy to help even if not from DTLL :)

Magic Bean Cake

I shared this baby on Instagram and got asked to share so of course here I am never one to under deliver and all that...  

I made mine in the Thermomix so was easy and quick but the food processor would do fine it may just not be as 'pulverised' :)


420 g kidney beans, canned, drained
1 tablespoon water
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
70 g unsweetened cocoa powder
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
125 g butter
5 eggs
180 g sugar


Puree the beans, water, 1 egg and vanilla until smooth then set aside.
Beat the butter and sugar
Add the remaining 4 eggs & beat .
Add in bean mixture to the eggs, butter and sugar mix.
Add the cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, and salt and blend

Pour batter into greased ring tin pan and bake in oven for 30 minutes or until a skewer is clean  

The kids demolished and we made two in the space of a week.. kidney beans.. my kids demolished kidney beans!! Need I say more?

What healthy recipes do you have that your kids demolish? Do share :)

Wordless Wednesday

Why I write :

The luscious little lady I fall in love with more and more every day that goes by the name of Sonia, Sonia Styling that is, tagged me in a blog hop doing the rounds about why we write..

I am never all that sold that what I tap on these keyboards qualifies as 'writing' but here I go ...

What am I working on?

Writing wise I have a two more sites I am just about to start writing for, well curating product with a written intro would be more accurate, because lets not make it sound like I have a talent for writing.

I have a talent for 'tastemaking' as one mag put it and I am an 'influencer' in certain arenas (mainly awesome home wares, gifts and kids stuff) so thats what I will continue to write about. My journey as those and my life with DTLL and my family.

In the bloggy world I am also working on sharing our DTLL Blogger Family and making sure everyone else knows how fab they are not just us :)

What am I REALLY working on? finding time to sleep been solo parenting 3 weeks out of 4 this month and quite frankly with my job, a puppy and 1 kid in Kindy and the other Year One.

I CA.N.N.O.T friggin' cope!

How does my writing differ from others in its genre?

That possibly depends on what you see as my genre.

If it is the pictoral interior design side I would say that as I am not in it as a business I often design and share product from a more logistically achievable place as I am always on a budget and queen of finding the unfindable.

If it is as me and my life then I think the one thing I am told again and again, as a start up business owner, is I have been honest about what it has taken to pull off being a SAHM and entrepreneur doing it on a budget.

DTLL has learnt me a million lessons and had many ups and downs. It will continue to do so and as I ride the waves I share the highs an lows. From a business sense I would say my writing is very honest.

No one writes like one another but I can understand how people compare. When bloggers truly fall in a certain genre they often sound similar but in those cases I find my faves and just follow them :)

Why do I write? 

Because I can? Now that is just facetious but truly I have no single answer as I am a blog with a few facets..

I started my journey as a stepping stone into the online world before I launched DTLL, a way to share the sort of products I had planned as stockists and to gauge peoples reactions whilst sharing the stories of setting up a new business on line.
It was all about business but then I made friends, friends that I valued and wanted to truly connect with
Once DTLL launched I became a mix of writing my story to share, needing to write for support and just to post some pretties to make myself smile and indulge me and just me.

So in answer to the question. I write because I enjoy it. I have no agenda, I have no need and that is probably why I still do it.. because I enjoy it.

How does my writing process work?

I have no set routine and possibly I should. I write as I feel and share what I love.

When I have lots to say I tap away and if it all stacks up as far more deep and meaningful's than anyone needs in a week I save the ones that are not relevant to the here and now as drafts. That way I can use them when I am having a tough week with the kids and hardly manage to get to any of my favourite bloggers

Ok so its time to get tagging and I am handing over to a trio or trouble.. all three of these gals tell it like it is and I love them just a little bit more for doing so..

Cherie is wrangler of multiple tiny humans.  WAHM.  Reformed perfectionist.  Who, yes ok, … isn't at all reformed.  Lover of pretty things.

Maxabella chucked in her hard-fought, twenty-year corporate marketing career – just like that. Turned out the view from up the ladder wasn’t worth it after all.
Unleashed from the shackles of a beige suit and structured handbag, these days she delights in writing all day, every day and only wears clothing that doesn’t require ironing. Writing about fitting good parenting into a lovely life is her favourite topic, mostly because in cyberspace you cannot see eyes roll.

Stacey is a blogger and a mum to two toddlers. Which means she's got no idea what day it is, only that there's play dough in the curtains again. She blogs at Veggie Mama, and is Managing Editor of Her washing machine is never empty.

Laying it out and Accessorising it up...

Chris is all about the accents and everything having a place to suit so when our interiors questions on the FB Page turned up Rebecca, Natalie and Kirby asking about just that we sought his advise quick smart

Rebecca and Kirby asked about rugs and cushions and where to place them.. 

Chris said..

It's best to buy your sofas first and then your rug (Kirby has already done step 1)
The most common rug size is 160cm x 230cm, but these days the stores stock just about every dimension.
In terms of sofa placement, a L-shape configuration is a good idea if you're working a TV into the space. Bear in mind that when you walk into the room, it's best to make the sofa your focal point.
Once you have your sofas, determine what size rug you need. If you have a large space and want to make it feel cosier, tuck the rug about 20cm under your sofa.
If you have a small space and want to make it feel roomier, push the edge of the rug just to the edge of the sofa, to make the space feel larger. 
Cushions can often take their lead from either artwork or favourite decor pieces 

Natalie wanted to know what to add to her space...

Chris said...
Your space is crying out for a rug - it's the first thing I'd do to warm up those tiles! 
As a whole, the space needs pattern and texture to make it feel more inviting.
Consider a black and white patterned rug and bring in some warm red and orange tones in cushions and throws. Metallics like bronze and silver would work well here too.
Pattern is your friend, and a floor lamp in the corner near the TV would also help. 
I've attached a picture of a theme that would work wonderfully here.

Gimme Chicken Soup

So it is finally getting a little chillier around here, have we not had the best Autumn ever?! Well Guy popped with Chicken Soup on a rainy day last week and I just had to share..

Whats your favourite soup? got a fab recipe to share? 

Sophisticated and Sexy Bedroom Style

So Thanks to the fact we have two fabulous Interior Guru's in our DTLL Blogger Family we offered out some design advice on our FB Page and when Melissa and Lisa asked for advice on styling the Bedroom I had to turn to Simone from Style.Life.Home
Sophisticated and sexy bedroom style = black and white.

Nothing screams sophistication than the bond of black and white.
Create your room with a ‘less is more’ design by keeping your patterns to a minimal with your choice of bedding, cushions, throws and even art on your walls.
Look at the little details in your bedroom and style with limited items on your bedside tables, de clutter and store pieces away that don’t have to be ‘on show’. 

What could work from DTLL for this look is this 'hello lover' cushion or this scandi cross blanket. If you love the stripes we have the cushion here and a fab rug here. Personally I am loving the Aztec so would grab this with a statement lamp or divine cloche pendant.
What colour is your room? Need some design help?.. just shout  

Wordless Wednesday

On or Off?

The on line community can be a fabulous place, it depends which area you inhabit and possibly who you connect with or what you write about but as a whole I would say it has been pretty tops since the day I stepped outside of my previous FB bubble where the only people that read anything I had written were those that I had either friend requested or I had approved theirs.

Whilst I don't think celebrities deserve half the crap they have to put up with it is a territory they knew they were entering when they chose to be on TV or make money from their name as such. I am not famous so I have no haters club but of late I have found a few people that know nothing about me feel they have the place to tell me what I can write on this blog or even what Cherie and I should share on our FB Page.

It is an odd situation as the individuals I am referring too are well maybe a 1% off my on line peeps but me being me finds that 1% quite odd. The situations have always been when I am expressing 'my' opinion on something or having a rant about something in 'my' life.

Those few decided it was their job to tell me how I should run my business, how I should not voice my opinions, how I should not seek those of others by posting them on line and basically that I should stay off line unless I am there to just post pretty pictures.

So I guess my confusion comes with the fact I have always seen the online community as supportive and that the people that choose to connect with you because they are there to support you. Not everyone agrees with you all the time but they do allow you to have your own views and if going through a tough time they support you? Don't they? Isn't it?

So what are your thoughts? Should I be on or off? Should I only ever post pretty pictures?

Win a Signed Copy of Tasty Express

TastyExpress is your invitation to sample more than 100 exciting recipes from renowned blogger Sneh Roy of the award-winning blog, Cook Republic

Here she presents a stunning range of new recipes and a scattering of her most popular creations. She embraces healthy takes on modern classics like tacos, flatbreads, veggie burgers, granola and froyo, plus a few irresistibly naughty treats. Many of her hardworking creations can be easily packed away in a lunchbox or picnic basket for work, your next camping trip or potluck evening. 

The recipes are predominantly vegetarian.

With easy-to-reference chapters such as Cafe Culture, Urban Lunchbox, Green Kingdom, Supper Club and Treat Factory, Tasty Express also includes handy hints, such as how to make fail-safe quinoa, how to grow sprouts from legumes with just a jar and a paper towel, and how to make bread that goes from flour to loaf in under an hour. 

The book has little express extras on fresh and robust chutnies, healthy smoothies, spice mixes, nuts and nibbles.

With stunning photographs for each and every recipe there are lots of textures, smears, sprinkles, drips and crumbs making this a highly tactile visual experience. 

This is food as we eat – casually with messy abandon and sharing with loved ones, the way it should be. Tasty Express will make your life more delicious. 

We have 2 signed copies of Tasty Express up for Grabs.

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For the love of Art....

I could never have enough walls in a house and nor could I ever have a ceiling high enough.. One day I WILL have a living room with a gallery wall full of amazing art with the other hosting one huge dramatic piece... for now I will just keep pinning my dreams to this board...

What style of art is your favourite? are you muted or vibrant? 

A thought for Thursday

Life Lately

: Kitty did a bit of modelling and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.. she was a fool!
: Flowers that last forever and are teeny tiny.. oh the cute 
: I had lunch with this lady for this event
: Charity is something Kate and I love to support, we both have chosen ones we stick by year after year and they all relate to people we love and admire
: I sent some happy mail out to our DTLL Blogger Family
: I don't suffer too badly from house envy unless I wander through a pad like this 
: We have been doing lots of turning OFF of TV and turning ON drawing and reading in this house
: Shop Til You Drop had me an my office in a double page spread this week
: I sometimes switch this baby on during the day because it truly lights my day :)

What have you been up too lately? Share the goss :)