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Baby Space and Sharing Rooms

So Thanks to the fact we have two fabulous Interior Guru's in our DTLL Blogger Family we offered out some design advice on our FB Page and when Karien and Brin asked for advice on styling the their kids spaces I had to turn to Simone from Style.Life.Home

Baby/Spare room
Often these two separate rooms cross over and blend together to make the most of your space inside your home.
A great way to create a style that is less of a ‘baby’ theme and more of an extension of the style that you have through your home, also this allows your baby to grow into the space. (Remember this doesn’t have to be boring and grown up).
Ideas to think of are tubs that can be stored under the bed or in the cupboards to hide toys and extra items to allow easy access when needed but also to make your guests feel comfortable.
Display photos, books and baby keep sake pieces on shelves to allow less furniture in the room to creating more space for playing.

Now for boys sharing a room...
Children sharing a room that are two very different individuals can be a fun challenge.
Best way to create a space is have the same coloured bedding but adding individual coloured cushions and art, this way the room looks styled but you can also make each child feel special.
Have a bedside table or a shelf that they can place their own toys, books and personal items on.
Also create a themed ‘common’ area so they can play together and share toys.
When it comes to packing up have different boxes or tubs that are tucked away under their beds so they can clean and store away their own toys (I found this worked well for my girls when they shared a room).

If you need help trying to source any items for the kids room holler as always as very happy to help even if not from DTLL :)

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