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Love that Look : Offspring

How can you not? Nina's House is divine and she has updated a tad since last season with not just the gorgeous Baby Zoe but few house changes too :)

I love that her bedroom always uses soft tones but is still funky by using amazing bedlinen. The decor has industrial touches mixed with classic pieces and lots of raw textures like wood and concrete

I adore gallery walls as you can change things up at a whim and that simple pendant lamp ensures the focus stays on the wall not the lighting

Her taste in cushions is always as fab as her clothes with the passion for print in the cushions on a neutral base with a cotton/linen lounge...

1. The fabulous illustrated pillowcases are from this range..
2. Create your own industrial look from this store..
3. Modern and timeless made from glorious timber...
4. The classic shapes never go out of fashion and can move rooms easily..
5. Aztec and earthy cushions are easy to mix and match.... 
6. An easy selection at a very easy price..
7. Just in case you like Zoe's wardrobe too, it often comes from here..


  1. Ferrero rocher are so addictive and are a favourite of mine.

  2. I love a rich dark chocolate with nuts and caramel all in one, trouble is it is hard to obtain and so of course I must buy two blocks one with nuts and one with caramel

  3. Houses in Sydney and Melbourne are so beautiful and quaint. Old Queenslanders are nice too but don't lend themselves to the same type of cosiness :) Great pics.

  4. My favourite chocolate is the one that doesn't put on weight no matter how much you eat.

  5. My favourite chocolate is plain because it goes with everything and you can always add it to your favourite desert!

  6. I love the Moro bar as it's a mixture of chocolate and caramel.

  7. I absolutely love Flake,,,,,, sometime I eat them crumbled up or little bites & Flake tastes so good on ice-cream

  8. Whittaker's Original Peanut Slab is my "go to" chocolate bar. The perfect way to appease any chocolate craving.

  9. Boost by Cadbury is my fave, a bit of crunch and smooth chocolately insides makes it my choice.


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