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Sophisticated and Sexy Bedroom Style

So Thanks to the fact we have two fabulous Interior Guru's in our DTLL Blogger Family we offered out some design advice on our FB Page and when Melissa and Lisa asked for advice on styling the Bedroom I had to turn to Simone from Style.Life.Home
Sophisticated and sexy bedroom style = black and white.

Nothing screams sophistication than the bond of black and white.
Create your room with a ‘less is more’ design by keeping your patterns to a minimal with your choice of bedding, cushions, throws and even art on your walls.
Look at the little details in your bedroom and style with limited items on your bedside tables, de clutter and store pieces away that don’t have to be ‘on show’. 

What could work from DTLL for this look is this 'hello lover' cushion or this scandi cross blanket. If you love the stripes we have the cushion here and a fab rug here. Personally I am loving the Aztec so would grab this with a statement lamp or divine cloche pendant.
What colour is your room? Need some design help?.. just shout  


  1. Oh I LOVE the crispness of white bit the boldness of Black, gorgeous! and always timeless, reminds me when I did my new kitchen, I did it all white!
    Colour pieces can be added... lot cheaper than replacing a whole kitchen when styles change... :-)

  2. So true plain kitchens are fab as you can change them up over the seasons x


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