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Why I write :

The luscious little lady I fall in love with more and more every day that goes by the name of Sonia, Sonia Styling that is, tagged me in a blog hop doing the rounds about why we write..

I am never all that sold that what I tap on these keyboards qualifies as 'writing' but here I go ...

What am I working on?

Writing wise I have a two more sites I am just about to start writing for, well curating product with a written intro would be more accurate, because lets not make it sound like I have a talent for writing.

I have a talent for 'tastemaking' as one mag put it and I am an 'influencer' in certain arenas (mainly awesome home wares, gifts and kids stuff) so thats what I will continue to write about. My journey as those and my life with DTLL and my family.

In the bloggy world I am also working on sharing our DTLL Blogger Family and making sure everyone else knows how fab they are not just us :)

What am I REALLY working on? finding time to sleep been solo parenting 3 weeks out of 4 this month and quite frankly with my job, a puppy and 1 kid in Kindy and the other Year One.

I CA.N.N.O.T friggin' cope!

How does my writing differ from others in its genre?

That possibly depends on what you see as my genre.

If it is the pictoral interior design side I would say that as I am not in it as a business I often design and share product from a more logistically achievable place as I am always on a budget and queen of finding the unfindable.

If it is as me and my life then I think the one thing I am told again and again, as a start up business owner, is I have been honest about what it has taken to pull off being a SAHM and entrepreneur doing it on a budget.

DTLL has learnt me a million lessons and had many ups and downs. It will continue to do so and as I ride the waves I share the highs an lows. From a business sense I would say my writing is very honest.

No one writes like one another but I can understand how people compare. When bloggers truly fall in a certain genre they often sound similar but in those cases I find my faves and just follow them :)

Why do I write? 

Because I can? Now that is just facetious but truly I have no single answer as I am a blog with a few facets..

I started my journey as a stepping stone into the online world before I launched DTLL, a way to share the sort of products I had planned as stockists and to gauge peoples reactions whilst sharing the stories of setting up a new business on line.
It was all about business but then I made friends, friends that I valued and wanted to truly connect with
Once DTLL launched I became a mix of writing my story to share, needing to write for support and just to post some pretties to make myself smile and indulge me and just me.

So in answer to the question. I write because I enjoy it. I have no agenda, I have no need and that is probably why I still do it.. because I enjoy it.

How does my writing process work?

I have no set routine and possibly I should. I write as I feel and share what I love.

When I have lots to say I tap away and if it all stacks up as far more deep and meaningful's than anyone needs in a week I save the ones that are not relevant to the here and now as drafts. That way I can use them when I am having a tough week with the kids and hardly manage to get to any of my favourite bloggers

Ok so its time to get tagging and I am handing over to a trio or trouble.. all three of these gals tell it like it is and I love them just a little bit more for doing so..

Cherie is wrangler of multiple tiny humans.  WAHM.  Reformed perfectionist.  Who, yes ok, … isn't at all reformed.  Lover of pretty things.

Maxabella chucked in her hard-fought, twenty-year corporate marketing career – just like that. Turned out the view from up the ladder wasn’t worth it after all.
Unleashed from the shackles of a beige suit and structured handbag, these days she delights in writing all day, every day and only wears clothing that doesn’t require ironing. Writing about fitting good parenting into a lovely life is her favourite topic, mostly because in cyberspace you cannot see eyes roll.

Stacey is a blogger and a mum to two toddlers. Which means she's got no idea what day it is, only that there's play dough in the curtains again. She blogs at Veggie Mama, and is Managing Editor of Her washing machine is never empty.


  1. YES! Love this post and thank you so much for joining in! Contrary to what you might think, you ARE in fact a writer - and an exceptional one at that. You've taught me so much through your blog posts and I feel like we are sitting down to a one-on-one chat everytime I come here to read what you've written. You're an inspiring human being and one I truly admire. x

  2. Blushing and Thank you, hey if you can tap , you can write but I admire a whole host of others for their way with words.. you included my dear :)

  3. You are totally a writer Tessa - one who speaks with as much honesty and conviction as she does when you are lucky enough to share a cuppa with xx

  4. Ha, Thanks chick, not sold but I will take the compliment with pride :)

  5. I'm not 100% sure why I initially connected with your writing, but I know for a fact that it is your beautiful honesty and heart that keeps me reading now. x

  6. Aw stop it now.. you have given the girl a glow x

  7. I am really loving seeing this series spread across such a spectrum of bloggers, it's a great way to get to know everyone a little better.

  8. I have enjoyed reading others too :)

  9. Oh, I think you have a talent for writing! And gosh, isn't it hard? I just did three weeks out of four on my own, with a cat, a Kindy kid, a Grade 3 kid and all the rest. Hang in there! Love your little space here and love reading that you write just because you enjoy it.

  10. Well you must write 'semi-ok' because it was at your blog that we first connected right? Soul-sisters when it comes to loving beautiful things ...

    Plus, I love your reason for writing: "Because I can"

    no better reason than that!!

  11. Thanks so much Kate, I guess as long as you enjoy it there is no reason to doubt what you are doing huh?!

  12. OMG totally hun I thank the blog for so many beautiful friends x


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