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Life Lately..

: I had a mini masterpiece made and it has brought me joy every day since it was hung
: School holidays were survived with fun random trips and lots of hot chocolate
: Trying to eat healthy as I can feel the comfort food weight creeping on..
: I loved the big word clocks but I adore the desk top version even more!
: My daughter turned 7
: I got a new Dyson
: I cut myself a fringe because.. I do things like that
: The little guy is not so little anymore 

What you been up too? Anything spesh?

Loyal Friend

Rafiki Mwema means ‘Loyal Friend’ have you read about of seen this wonderful site?

Rafiki Mwema was born from the need to support very young girls who have been sexually abused. There are sadly too many girls under the age of 12 who have experienced sexual abuse and at this time there is no specialised care for these very vulnerable children.

Play Kenya started Rafiki Mwema, a therapeutic safe house, to help these little girls make sense of the horrors that have happened to them, allow them access to any medical treatment they need, support them through the court system, and where possible to work with their families for a safe return to the home.

I am looking in to how DTLL can support this initiative as I just really love what they are doing..

For now I will donate and you can too if you fancy :) 

Happiness is...

Fab Four

Ok so we never hide we are fans of Fat Mum Slim at DTLL and when her recent app launched ' Little Moments' we shouted that from the rooftops as it was just too good not to do so!.

Not only is it fab but we have two of our amazing stores designing for it in the fonts section.. Emma and Charlotte have added their usual magical touch and man does it make the pics look cuter than before.

Well I have played along with the fabulous photo a day game since it first ever launched and the other week I got picked in fab four!.. first time.. like, ever!

AND this week I am the judge of Fab Four for the week as Down that Little Lane designed the list this month.. oh my lordy.. the pressure!. No I am actually looking forward to it even though I know it will be hard to narrow down to just 4!

Do you play along? Will I pick you? Hmmmm

Win a Haza indoor/outdoor rug

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Me? A Teacher?

Maxabella is a funny chicken, she is fabulously generous, rather patient, a better Mum than I and always eager to learn more.. a factual sponge with a childlike need to know and well quite frankly it makes me smile whilst jealousy bubbles :)

Sum up? She's a good egg..

Bron asked me if I would teach her some thing. I of course said 'Sure!, What?' 'How to work around my family' she said.. Hmmm OK..

and here it is.... My post on 'How to work around your family'

Nautical Lovers...

The easier Banana Bread...

Its is easier as less ingredients, less team and less chance of getting it wrong, oh and produces lesser sized result.. as in it makes cookies instead of a loaf..

This has becomes my go to for the left over bananas when the kids SUDDENLY decide they are over the fabulous yellow things when the 7 days prior they had been demolishing them like there was a famine on the way.

What are they?

* 2 bananas
* 1 cup of quick oats (I have used all sorts of cereals as binding agents)
* 1 tablespoon of peanut butter (You could do without)
* 1/2 cup of dark choc chips (I also used sultanas and marshmallows in different batches)

Bind all together and cook for 10mins at around 220 degrees and ta da

Do you have a magic recipe for the left over bananas? pray tell...

The Anarchist Arises...

I was a bit of a rebel when I was young, nothing dangerous just more like I found it boring to stick to the rules, I love to push the boundaries, to test myself and nothing has changed.

It is an amazing thing to be older and wiser. I look at how I handle situations now and I am so much more rational but the me that was evident as a child is still there she has just grown up and possibly chooses 1 reaction over 3.

Back in the day all my reactions to negative times in my life were physical. I would say hideous things to someone if they annoyed me, damage property (that I owned.. I was not THAT bad), deliver a note I would regret or just act out in some other manner.

These days I channel that energy into going for a run, finding the clarity to structure a big change business wise OR if I am having a particularly craptastic week (and this is the bit that hasn't changed) cutting my hair into a bob, re doing my fringe, bleaching it a stupid colour or planning some new ink..

I had a bit of one of those the other week (Marcus was away, it was end if term so kids were emotional, work was busy and bills were on top of me) and the only thing that made me laugh was I caught up with one of my favourite peeps and she was in the same position just 7 days ahead of me and had already booked her haircut.. Kindred Spirits were shown to me once again...

So whilst my week has passed and all got better now the school holidays are kicking my butt and I am pinning divine tattoo images (just little ones)... and am having to hold back the scissors but I know that won't last because when the anarchist arises I just can't put her back in her box...

Are you just like your besties? What are you like when you have a case of the uglies? Tell me you still act out?

Quinoa Pancakes

Superfood breakfast that is easy to make, is not green in colour and actually tastes good? Oh Yeah I am in!! Thanks Guy.. love ya style x


Where I'm at....

I loved Sonia's Mid Year Round Up last week and have decided to play along. I love having to look at things in retrospective, I also adore planning so this feeds my needs perfectly..

This list has been created by the wonderful Pip of Meet Me at Mike’s and you can read her post here.

Making: Plans.. work, party, fitness. Lots of plans in the making right now
Cooking: Healthy snacks, My Kids want sweet stuff and are constantly hungry so healthy snacks are my focus these days

Drinking: Tonic Water.. I can't stop and of course Hendricks goes so well with it on occasion
Reading: nothing, well not books.. I wish but blogs are about the only thing I read these days
Wanting: a holiday.. plain and simple
Looking: for a local pilates and yoga studio with a serious task master for a teacher
Playing: photo a day games.. I just love the Instagram crowd 
Deciding: when to launch our DTLL app
Wishing: my parents had given Australia a better shot, missing them as are the kids
Enjoying: the amazingly sunny Winter
Waiting: for the Christmas Hols as it will be our first holiday abroad in 3.5 years!
Liking: The Tour de France being on TV.. late nights ahead
Wondering: if I will ever get back on my road bike
Loving: My Dexter
Pondering: which colour bike to buy out of the baby blue or the mint

Considering: a half Ironman race in the next year or so
Watching: Offspring, The Tour, House Husbands, The Tomorrow People, 
Hoping: to get my Vinnies find re upholstered before Christmas
Marvelling: at the speed at which kids learn stuff once they go to school
Needing: to get to the Dentist, I lost half a back tooth months ago and weeks keep passing
Smelling: my gorgeous voyager candles
Wearing: a lot less training kit and a lot more colour thanks to this store and this
Following: some seriously talented photographers on Insta
Noticing: My kids are arguing and winding each other up constantly at the mo

Knowing: that the phase with my kids will not last forever (I hope)
Thinking: I do need to make time to read sometimes
Feeling: like life can be so overwhelming sometimes but I am so lucky to have the most amazing support around me
Admiring: athletes as always, I admire all sorts of people for different reasons but athletes have me starstruck with their dedication and ability
Sorting: out the pantry.. its that time of year again
Buying: some amazing time with a mentor in the finance field.. total eye opener
Getting: excited about going to Pro Blogger next month
Bookmarking: I book mark as a way of life, I have to clear them often so my computer doesn't give up on me
Disliking: the fact I wiped my keyboard on my laptop a few months back and now have buttons that don't work... L, O, fullstop, brackets and the up and down button are extremely useful it turns out and a new logic board costs nearly as much as a new laptop!
Opening: packages, I pretty much shop totally on line so there are lots..
Giggling: at Offspring.. the characters just crack me up
Snacking: on nuts, tamari soaked almonds.. addictive, very addictive
Coveting: An Uber Infinity
Helping: teach Dexter how to be the perfect dog, no one likes an untrained puppy dog huh?1

Hearing: the Pete Tong Collection.. I am an old school raver that just wants to go back each and every day

If you would like to join in just pick your faves from the list or cut n paste the whole lot..

Making, Cooking, Drinking, Reading, Wanting, Looking, Playing, Deciding, Wishing, Enjoying, Waiting, Liking, Wondering, Loving, Pondering, Considering, Watching, Hoping, Marvelling,
Needing, Smelling, Wearing, Following, Noticing, Knowing, Thinking, Feeling, Admiring, Sorting, 
Buying, Getting, Bookmarking, Disliking, Opening, Giggling, Snacking, Coveting, Helping, Hearing.

WIN a 1 year Subscription to Peppermint Magazine

Do you know Peppermint?

Think sustainability and style don’t belong in the same sentence?

Think again.

Peppermint is the green fashion and lifestyle magazine, celebrating eco and ethical style with a fun, fresh, intelligent and positive spin. It was created for the rapidly-growing number of consumers who appreciate good design, fashion and creativity, but also care about social and environmental issues and where their clothing and consumer goods come from. Promoting individuality, DIY personal style, respect and ‘slow fashion’, Peppermint encourages readers to get off the trend mill by showcasing the best in eco and handmade design from Australia and the rest of the world. Fashion, accessories, natural beauty, art, film, design, social issues, lifestyle and culture: if it’s real thought and creativity you’re after, then you can bet Peppermint has got it covered. With inspiring, informative editorials and in-depth, behind-the-scenes features on the fashion industry and social issues,Peppermint is at once informative and inspirational, high-end and handcrafted, cutting-edge and old-fashioned… Because sometimes you have to look behind you to learn the way forward.

DTLL have been long time fans of this fabulous mag.. They even featured our gorgeous DTLL Blogger Family Member Stacey on the cover a few years back.

The gorgeous peeps over at Peppermint have offered 2 of our beautiful followers a 1 year subscription so you can fall in love just like we have.. 

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Your gonna hear me roar....

Yesterday was adventure day.. we went to Illawarra Fly as we were invited to see the totally awesome Dinosaur Zoo

How hyped were we all?...
I had seen these guys on TV and was busting to get up close.
My kids are mad about Dinosaurs, as in they talk in dino roar around the house, totally stupid but totally cute.
We chatted Dino facts all week in the lead up
Marcus and I have seen the view from the the Treetops and knew the kids would squeal so kept that secret.

Was it worth the hype and hike? 

Oh hell YEAH!

Firstly Hazzle got to have his arm bitten by a dinosaur and THEN his head put in the mouth (the picture of him looking sideways with a little shy/proud smile has me melting)..

I love that these guys tour and talk about different species depending on where they are so we. The star of the show was the Dwarf Allosaurus (155 million years old), a size is similar to T Rex but an Aussie and they only discovered him 4 years ago (as in his bones I assume). 

The Aussie theatre company Erth that presented were like a Pixar Movie, they had jokes for the kids and adults and it was a very 'hands on show'. Nuff said really.. we highly recommend you jump at the chance if it visits near you and if you are Southern Highlands way it is on tomorrow at 11am and 1pm

This last picture was H being applauded as Mr Superbrave...  did I say we had a good time already? 

Are your kids Dinosaur mad like mine?

My Mini Masterpieces..

..are of course my kids but the mini masterpieces (artworks) THEY come home with day after day? well lets just say they seem to fill far more physical space than the kids themselves. I am always to scared to throw any out as it is bound to be the one they loved the most despite it not exactly provoking Picassoesque thoughts in my mind :)

I adore the Novogratz Duo and everything they do so loved what they did below years and years ago but the size of framing etc they used would have cost a stack AND I wasn't even sure where to start..

Moving on a few years and across my desk comes an application to join DTLL from a lady named Kim. She has you send her your artwork, scans, files and emails that back to you top keep forever and THEN does these amazing frames where she makes those artworks mini, mounts each individually on a backing board and frames them in shadow boxes!

When they are mini they look so much cuter, 10 x more vibrant and just like that you can have a years worth of a little life in a frame on your wall to view forever.

I had a big one made that had both kids work from the past 4-5 years and an individual one for each kiddlet. Kitty was amazed to see something she drew when she was 3 next to one of her recent Star Wars pieces and Harrington now claims he must be famous :)

 I am desperate for everyone to know about this gorgeous store as her prices are so reasonable and the finished result is beyond brilliant. I had a set made for another beautiful friend and got this gorgeous email later that day

'Seriously don't quite know how to say thank you for your thoughtfulness, Tessa. He had tears, just as I thought. It takes a lot to get that man to well up, but the combination of seeing the kids' artwork like that and the fact that it was such a generous gift did the trick.'

To touch both husband and wife with a gift is pretty spesh and can you imagine the grandparents for Crimbo? It will be a yearly thing for me for sure now, saves space, looks awesome and makes my kids feel special. Winner, winner , chicken dinner...

What do you do with our kids artwork? Are these not totally brill? 

City Slickers

The school holidays have been a rather a new battle for me now I have two kids in school so no long day care to truck the older off too with the younger for that period.

If I am honest I need to work most of the day nearly every day and if I don't it means very late nights on catch up BUT the whole reason for starting DTLL was so that I could build a business whilst getting to play Mum at times that I wanted to do so.

Today, post climbing trees in the park, I took them to the city. Quite frankly that is exciting enough for them but as the Sky Tower has a Loom Band Challenge on over the hols  (we were invited to attend) my girl loves a loom band I thought it would be a fab time to visit.

The kids were in awe of the heights and distances you could see and Kitty got taught how to do a three band combo which had previously eluded her so they had a ball. I even learnt something.. 4D, I knew we had 34D but 4D adding in the sound and feel element? They show a 4D movie before you go up and it was really cool!

They have the Skywalk too which I am now busting to do having seen the pics of those that did but I will have to wait until next year as kids need to be 8 and above.

Couple the Sky Tower experience with  a pop in on Dads office and some hot chocolates and Mum SCORED..

I am home cuddling on the sofa with Dex (he was also a chilled star whilst we were out.. OMG those drops) and they are happily drawing towers at the table.

Time away from home I think is key for success as trying to do stuff at home has distractions.. Friday I am taking them to see the Dinosaurs here... even I am a little excited about that :)

What have you been up to so far? any fab ideas to share?

Wordless Wednesday