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City Slickers

The school holidays have been a rather a new battle for me now I have two kids in school so no long day care to truck the older off too with the younger for that period.

If I am honest I need to work most of the day nearly every day and if I don't it means very late nights on catch up BUT the whole reason for starting DTLL was so that I could build a business whilst getting to play Mum at times that I wanted to do so.

Today, post climbing trees in the park, I took them to the city. Quite frankly that is exciting enough for them but as the Sky Tower has a Loom Band Challenge on over the hols  (we were invited to attend) my girl loves a loom band I thought it would be a fab time to visit.

The kids were in awe of the heights and distances you could see and Kitty got taught how to do a three band combo which had previously eluded her so they had a ball. I even learnt something.. 4D, I knew we had 34D but 4D adding in the sound and feel element? They show a 4D movie before you go up and it was really cool!

They have the Skywalk too which I am now busting to do having seen the pics of those that did but I will have to wait until next year as kids need to be 8 and above.

Couple the Sky Tower experience with  a pop in on Dads office and some hot chocolates and Mum SCORED..

I am home cuddling on the sofa with Dex (he was also a chilled star whilst we were out.. OMG those drops) and they are happily drawing towers at the table.

Time away from home I think is key for success as trying to do stuff at home has distractions.. Friday I am taking them to see the Dinosaurs here... even I am a little excited about that :)

What have you been up to so far? any fab ideas to share?


  1. I love the photo in front of what I called the knitted building…Ive got a similar shot with my daughter - from a distance it looks like wool but up close the concrete with its city traffic dust is embedded deeply! Great shot!

  2. It looks stunning but I always feel odd about touching it as looks grimy

  3. My daughter is fab with understanding my work but H seems too young. it is a balance but I feel lucky to be in the position to juggle as many don't even have the choice x

  4. Yes agree Tessa…. lets just prevent its new merino


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