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Fab Four

Ok so we never hide we are fans of Fat Mum Slim at DTLL and when her recent app launched ' Little Moments' we shouted that from the rooftops as it was just too good not to do so!.

Not only is it fab but we have two of our amazing stores designing for it in the fonts section.. Emma and Charlotte have added their usual magical touch and man does it make the pics look cuter than before.

Well I have played along with the fabulous photo a day game since it first ever launched and the other week I got picked in fab four!.. first time.. like, ever!

AND this week I am the judge of Fab Four for the week as Down that Little Lane designed the list this month.. oh my lordy.. the pressure!. No I am actually looking forward to it even though I know it will be hard to narrow down to just 4!

Do you play along? Will I pick you? Hmmmm

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