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Life Lately..

: I had a mini masterpiece made and it has brought me joy every day since it was hung
: School holidays were survived with fun random trips and lots of hot chocolate
: Trying to eat healthy as I can feel the comfort food weight creeping on..
: I loved the big word clocks but I adore the desk top version even more!
: My daughter turned 7
: I got a new Dyson
: I cut myself a fringe because.. I do things like that
: The little guy is not so little anymore 

What you been up too? Anything spesh?


  1. I love your new masterpiece! x

  2. Little lack of inspiration today hun, and seeing that your Mini-Masterpiece still gives you such joy each day is exactly, the drive I needed. Thank you x

  3. An immediate family member of my own was sexually assaulted as an adult which was beyond horrifying. For this to happen to a child is beyond words. What an amazing initiative to support! x

  4. Love that Mini Masterpiece! Nothing spesh here, but early nights in bed with electric blanket on!

  5. Your mini masterpiece is so special! Love the fringe and your healthy food looks delish!


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