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My Mini Masterpieces..

..are of course my kids but the mini masterpieces (artworks) THEY come home with day after day? well lets just say they seem to fill far more physical space than the kids themselves. I am always to scared to throw any out as it is bound to be the one they loved the most despite it not exactly provoking Picassoesque thoughts in my mind :)

I adore the Novogratz Duo and everything they do so loved what they did below years and years ago but the size of framing etc they used would have cost a stack AND I wasn't even sure where to start..

Moving on a few years and across my desk comes an application to join DTLL from a lady named Kim. She has you send her your artwork, scans, files and emails that back to you top keep forever and THEN does these amazing frames where she makes those artworks mini, mounts each individually on a backing board and frames them in shadow boxes!

When they are mini they look so much cuter, 10 x more vibrant and just like that you can have a years worth of a little life in a frame on your wall to view forever.

I had a big one made that had both kids work from the past 4-5 years and an individual one for each kiddlet. Kitty was amazed to see something she drew when she was 3 next to one of her recent Star Wars pieces and Harrington now claims he must be famous :)

 I am desperate for everyone to know about this gorgeous store as her prices are so reasonable and the finished result is beyond brilliant. I had a set made for another beautiful friend and got this gorgeous email later that day

'Seriously don't quite know how to say thank you for your thoughtfulness, Tessa. He had tears, just as I thought. It takes a lot to get that man to well up, but the combination of seeing the kids' artwork like that and the fact that it was such a generous gift did the trick.'

To touch both husband and wife with a gift is pretty spesh and can you imagine the grandparents for Crimbo? It will be a yearly thing for me for sure now, saves space, looks awesome and makes my kids feel special. Winner, winner , chicken dinner...

What do you do with our kids artwork? Are these not totally brill? 


  1. Yup…definitely going to do this! We have a "gallery" wall in the kitchen but it is already full and with number two on the way, I need to make room for future masterpieces!

  2. You will love it hun and seriously good value for the time and detail taken x

  3. Oh my goodness - what a brilliant idea! The perfect gift for my niece and nephew's parents for Christmas. Love it!!! x

  4. It looks even better in person than pictured too :)

  5. My art was always framed and on the walls of our home! What a great way to showcase the talent you grew!

  6. This is just so gorgeous and has changed me - I am madly collecting every painting and artwork I can ;) xx

  7. It is such a lovely thing to do and I love these as I can keep so many in a small space

  8. Just keep the select few as even the small frames look fab x


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