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Where I'm at....

I loved Sonia's Mid Year Round Up last week and have decided to play along. I love having to look at things in retrospective, I also adore planning so this feeds my needs perfectly..

This list has been created by the wonderful Pip of Meet Me at Mike’s and you can read her post here.

Making: Plans.. work, party, fitness. Lots of plans in the making right now
Cooking: Healthy snacks, My Kids want sweet stuff and are constantly hungry so healthy snacks are my focus these days

Drinking: Tonic Water.. I can't stop and of course Hendricks goes so well with it on occasion
Reading: nothing, well not books.. I wish but blogs are about the only thing I read these days
Wanting: a holiday.. plain and simple
Looking: for a local pilates and yoga studio with a serious task master for a teacher
Playing: photo a day games.. I just love the Instagram crowd 
Deciding: when to launch our DTLL app
Wishing: my parents had given Australia a better shot, missing them as are the kids
Enjoying: the amazingly sunny Winter
Waiting: for the Christmas Hols as it will be our first holiday abroad in 3.5 years!
Liking: The Tour de France being on TV.. late nights ahead
Wondering: if I will ever get back on my road bike
Loving: My Dexter
Pondering: which colour bike to buy out of the baby blue or the mint

Considering: a half Ironman race in the next year or so
Watching: Offspring, The Tour, House Husbands, The Tomorrow People, 
Hoping: to get my Vinnies find re upholstered before Christmas
Marvelling: at the speed at which kids learn stuff once they go to school
Needing: to get to the Dentist, I lost half a back tooth months ago and weeks keep passing
Smelling: my gorgeous voyager candles
Wearing: a lot less training kit and a lot more colour thanks to this store and this
Following: some seriously talented photographers on Insta
Noticing: My kids are arguing and winding each other up constantly at the mo

Knowing: that the phase with my kids will not last forever (I hope)
Thinking: I do need to make time to read sometimes
Feeling: like life can be so overwhelming sometimes but I am so lucky to have the most amazing support around me
Admiring: athletes as always, I admire all sorts of people for different reasons but athletes have me starstruck with their dedication and ability
Sorting: out the pantry.. its that time of year again
Buying: some amazing time with a mentor in the finance field.. total eye opener
Getting: excited about going to Pro Blogger next month
Bookmarking: I book mark as a way of life, I have to clear them often so my computer doesn't give up on me
Disliking: the fact I wiped my keyboard on my laptop a few months back and now have buttons that don't work... L, O, fullstop, brackets and the up and down button are extremely useful it turns out and a new logic board costs nearly as much as a new laptop!
Opening: packages, I pretty much shop totally on line so there are lots..
Giggling: at Offspring.. the characters just crack me up
Snacking: on nuts, tamari soaked almonds.. addictive, very addictive
Coveting: An Uber Infinity
Helping: teach Dexter how to be the perfect dog, no one likes an untrained puppy dog huh?1

Hearing: the Pete Tong Collection.. I am an old school raver that just wants to go back each and every day

If you would like to join in just pick your faves from the list or cut n paste the whole lot..

Making, Cooking, Drinking, Reading, Wanting, Looking, Playing, Deciding, Wishing, Enjoying, Waiting, Liking, Wondering, Loving, Pondering, Considering, Watching, Hoping, Marvelling,
Needing, Smelling, Wearing, Following, Noticing, Knowing, Thinking, Feeling, Admiring, Sorting, 
Buying, Getting, Bookmarking, Disliking, Opening, Giggling, Snacking, Coveting, Helping, Hearing.


  1. Yes launch your app! How exciting. I love these list posts, keep them coming xoxo

  2. On the couch on a Sunday morning with a cup of Earl Grey, a buttered crumpet and sharing a blanket with my dogs.

  3. My late afternoon ritual is to have a read laying on my bed with a cup of chai. Revives me ready for dinner time.

  4. In my caravan with a pot of tea and a couple of squares of kids!

  5. I loved doing this too, your list sounds exciting... You sound like my hubby with music & fitness obsession lol... Oh & I think 'mint'

  6. I think mint too.. may have to purchase today!

  7. Its a coming :) I just have some tiny tweaks hun and I love the lists too you learn odd things about others and even yourself x

  8. In the sun or by the fire, on my super comfy couch with a drink of some kind and definitely some chocolate! Oh and no kids around!!


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