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Your gonna hear me roar....

Yesterday was adventure day.. we went to Illawarra Fly as we were invited to see the totally awesome Dinosaur Zoo

How hyped were we all?...
I had seen these guys on TV and was busting to get up close.
My kids are mad about Dinosaurs, as in they talk in dino roar around the house, totally stupid but totally cute.
We chatted Dino facts all week in the lead up
Marcus and I have seen the view from the the Treetops and knew the kids would squeal so kept that secret.

Was it worth the hype and hike? 

Oh hell YEAH!

Firstly Hazzle got to have his arm bitten by a dinosaur and THEN his head put in the mouth (the picture of him looking sideways with a little shy/proud smile has me melting)..

I love that these guys tour and talk about different species depending on where they are so we. The star of the show was the Dwarf Allosaurus (155 million years old), a size is similar to T Rex but an Aussie and they only discovered him 4 years ago (as in his bones I assume). 

The Aussie theatre company Erth that presented were like a Pixar Movie, they had jokes for the kids and adults and it was a very 'hands on show'. Nuff said really.. we highly recommend you jump at the chance if it visits near you and if you are Southern Highlands way it is on tomorrow at 11am and 1pm

This last picture was H being applauded as Mr Superbrave...  did I say we had a good time already? 

Are your kids Dinosaur mad like mine?

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