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fete // holiday

There was something about the quality, something about the photography and quite simply something that sang to my totally aesthetically driven soul yet budget conscious mind and had it skip a beat when Fete Press began..

The other month the divine creators held one of their fabulous pop up restaurants at The School and they stood by their ethics that beautiful can be made from easy styling and just keeping things simple..

We wore Winter Whites.. 

Do you read Fete Press? 


  1. You know how much I love that magazine and these pictures are soooo beautiful to look at too xx

  2. Oh I adore this.. my fav shots, the taupe straw and camera case and the long shot of the table with the tree at the end. beautiful!

  3. Hadn't heard of it before, but love this. Will check it out.

  4. Jeals! I keep the copy I stole from you on the coffee table for quickening my heart whenever I need. x


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