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Genuine connections make me quite emotional, I have never been one for chasing friendships. People come and go and some of my strongest bonds are those I have made on line.

I often have to read my favourite bloggers posts in a block of a fortnight at a go due to lack of time and today whilst at work with Sonia she said did you see the wonderful words Chantelle wrote about you?.. Um No? what tha?

So off I pottered and BEYOND humbled is what I was...

Chantelle said...

'Tessa White is such an inspiration to me. I like the way she thinks, and how she is so loving and nurturing towards the people in her business. With a lot of people online I see only dollar signs in their eyes, but with Tessa I see passion and doing things her own way. I like that.'

Thank you Chantelle, not just for such sweet words but for seeing what I genuinely feel. It means so much to me to hear that someone can see what I feel... humbing, truly touched.

Do you often wonder if people can see what you feel?


  1. Lovely words from Chantelle. And all of them true xx

  2. Thank you sweet Kelly, I am thinking maybe I have found my calling if suddenly peeps can see that side of me :)

  3. Love the flames! No. I don't do themes. I have such fond memories of fairy bread, cup cakes and soft drink as a once a year treat when little. I believe a birthday party is magical just because it's a birthday party.

  4. Wow what a party. I just love that fire breathing. Dragons are cool !

  5. I read the post from Chantelle and I thought she hit the nail on the head. Perfectly said.
    I think we strive for people to see us by how we feel about our passions and its very humbling when we find out they actually do.
    Sometimes more so when its someone you respect and admire so much in return. x

  6. Seriously it was such an awesome party hun. You did a brilliant job putting it all together and that cake... OMG the cake! xx

  7. Thank you for paving the way! Such an inspiring way to work, and it's such an honour to have met you online and then now in person.



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