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It just makes me cry so hard..

This week reading about Robin Williams passing had my crying big gloopy fat tears.

Yes  it is because he was so well loved and so bloody funny.
Yes it was because he took his own life.
and yes it was just because loosing anyone talented (or not even) is sad..

Really it was because when I read of anyone who suffers from depression as a mental illness I feel their pain.
So many of us suffer through what he suffered and I have been there too.
Depression breaks down all barriers, it can get to anyone, whoever you are..
This week shows that no matter how much you earn, how famous you are or even how brilliant you are at laughing through it all, depression can still find you.

I cry so hard because it scares me so much.
The idea that you could feel so bad inside you would prefer not to be where you are on the outside is paralysing to me, it makes me so utterly sad
I am lucky to say I have not experienced true darkness and it breaks my heart to think that others do.

Please be kind to each other, love each other and most of all love yourself

If you ever need help it is just here at Beyond Blue or Black Dog or Sane.. there are lots of people out there with open arms...


  1. It makes me sad to think of you sad.

    For Mr Williams and other awesome people who take their own lives, a part of me likes to think it's not necessarily about pain but resignation. I'm done here, I've done all I can.

  2. Hey you sensitive soul... hope he feels better now wherever he is. Thank you for your lovely words

  3. I have no doubt he is in a better headspace that is for sure :)

  4. I like the way Bron sees it, although the fact that anyone ever gets to the point that they thin they need to end before life itself does still makes me sad xx

  5. I've been low. Really low. But luckily for me, I have never surrendered to the pain to take me away from here. Big hugs to everyone who has ever felt this pain. You are so much more than a condition or a disease. x


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