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For the love of a Feathery Decor Feature

Feathers have so many meanings For Native Americans they are power, The Eygptian Folk - God, those of Christian faith - Virtues and even in our dreams the white ones are there to represent innocence.

I personally have never met a design I didn't like.. and today wanted to share with you some of the many ways you could have some in your home.

From simple tags too amazing artwork, I have included 3 DIY's so you hardly even need a budget either.. You can just click on the image to go to the source..


Are you a feather fan? Between those and arrows they seem to be everywhere in the Decor ranges right about now x

Finding Happiness

In the last few years I have had very little time for my friends and the true ones have stuck by me and understood this, in fact they have almost welcomed it as they know it is nothing to do with them and all to do with building a business from scratch on my own.

I saw a post from a friend who lives in LA who is one of those people I don't even see who is a connection via family but totally fills my soul with his attitude and make me a better person.. this is him..

He spoke of how he has made a concious effort to compliment people

'And no, I'm not just talking about good looking women. I'm talking about normal, average, everyday people who no doubt have one unique quality, that if you take the time to notice, isn't normal & average & you don't see everyday'

He is not being fake. Nor am I trying to simply 'win somebody over' as he has nothing to gain or receive in doing so. So why bother? Well... 'A compliment makes people feel good about themselves and when the people around me feel good, guess what? I feel good too'. I call that selfish for a higher good :)

I digress.. his story was..

'So this afternoon I didn't hesitate to tell an old woman, a stranger who was walking with a cane and smiling ear to ear, that she was beautiful and had an incredible smile. She beamed and told me that she was in fact 88 years young and that her secret was "to always pretend nothing is wrong with her."

That phrase got me thinking.

Although she was beaming from our exchange, I realised she was one of the rare people that actually didn't need the admiration in the first place. That's because she was already complimenting herself on a much deeper level by constantly reassuring herself - even to the point of delusion - that she was perfect and young and healthy and beautiful. It was no coincidence that she looked so genuinely beautiful at 88: She worked very hard for it. Not in the gym, but in the mind'

I had to share this with you as it is a wonderful reminder - that there's great power in being grateful and in loving yourself. Not just loving how you look when you're looking spesh, but loving YOU.. your flaws, your wrinkles, your mistakes, your life & even your age.

Your body's healing power & your minds potential for change is is fuelled by belief ( I have a ring I wear daily saying 'It just takes Trust'.

A belief is nothing more than a thought you keep having.

Thai finished saying

'So be delusional. Love yourself. Compliment the people around you. Even if they're strangers. Love is the most selfish thing you can do...'

I have been doing it for a while but Thai reminded me to do it more and now I hope I can promote you to do so too..

Do you pay people compliments? Do you even try to love yourself?

I love him...

Guy from Bondi Harvest makes Tiramisu for us..

How to loose weight in under 20 minutes..

So I wrote the other week about how I like to schedule things in to keep control and today I figured I would share with you my simple and quick fix workout.. We can't all fit in the gym everyday and not everyone can afford a gym membership.

To get on your road to fitness you only need to raise your heart rate and get a little sweaty each day so here is a lil' something to print out and chuck on the side of the fridge for some easy motivation.

It takes me 20 mins so it may take you a little more if you are just starting out or you can do just 3 rounds. Hey 2 rounds is better than none even so as the great big brand says - Just do it!

Are you a gym junky or do you do it all on your own? I have to say I am a gym junky of late as really into the mind body classes..

Don't Forget..

How I use Mood Boards to pretend.... to be just about anything..

Interior Designer/ Stylist, Party Planner, Fashion Stylist.. even my own Personal Shopper. I am such a visually driven person and I get real pleasure from creating a cosy home or a lovely little vignette for a certain spot in the house.

I use them for the kids parties and even creating outfits if I have something super spesh to go too.. Call them design boards, inspiration boards, whatever you will but they are all the same premise.

As they are quite a joy to do I thought I would show you guys how you can do them too..

First up I will do a kids bedroom as I have been playing with the idea of moving my son out of his current shared bedroom and this may just give me the boost..

 I already have the bed and wall mural so all I needed was some inspiration images from my Pinterest boards  and then I just add the pictures of things I have spied that I want to buy to see how it will all pan out and if I can make it work.

It is amazing how you add certain things and suddenly go holy moly no way should I buy that it just doesn't match!

Second is a party plan one.. I am planning a little get together for DTLL's B Day in November and this one would work for pretty much any adult party.. even NYE?

I could have added and added to this board but using the mood board had me realise I had too many serving bowls so was forced to choose my favourites and that I had chosen three different wall decor items!.

I use picmonkey in collage to do these simple ones but if you know photoshop you can go to town.

All the inspiration images are taken from my pin boards with all the product items on this specific one.. pinning them is fab as then you can go back and delete any you don't need and easily find the things you wanted to purchase after.

Do you do Mood Boards for anything? Kids projects? Your wedding?

Its hard as rock and it is totally on trend ... Concrete

No I haven't turned all Heavy Metal on you.. this is me and my love concrete and marble. I love mixing concrete with wood and more organic pieces around the home. Marble looks amazing with the monochromes layered on it or with a contrasting metal of any colour.

It is becoming easier and easier and easier to find but I also included and few DIY's on how to create the faux marble look as it is not cheap to buy.

You can click on each image to take you to the source..


Are you into the hard stuff too? The gloss of Marble or the matt of Concrete?

* I wrote this post for LifeInstyle last month 


Organisation for Bloggers..

Are you a blogger? Want to be a blogger? Bron from Maxabella Loves has some awesome advise on how to fit it all in... she presented at Pro Blogger last week and she was of course magnificent!..

How I get back control by getting organised

Every once in a while I have a total meltdown, yesterday it was because Dex was jumping over a little dog in the park (as puppies do), the owner whilst being lovely about it was clearly not enjoying him do so and I was calling him to back off and come to me and being totally ignored (as puppies do when they are having serious fun). I eventually pulled him away after apologising to the lady and behind my sunglasses the tears started flowing!..

What a dick huh?! Can't cope with your puppy being a silly puppy in the park? Well no.. it was a culmination of a couple of days solo parenting, a backlog of work due to being at Pro Blogger the weekend before, a bit of upsetting news the week before and well.. LIFE!

I have this once in a while when I have a lightbulb moment about a certain area of my life that is in total dissaray. It could be work, being Mum, staying fit or just managing to keep us all fed for a week successfully.

So I had a little cry and came home to do what I always do to get back on track..

1. Write a LIST of what I need/must/want to do each week
2. Get my Calendar out
3. Schedule it all in..
4. Breathe again knowing I will stick to it for at least a month or so until I need to re do it again :)

Why do I do it? For two reasons.. it puts me back in control and it also shows me how even with all the things I have to do that I do still have some spare time. Ok so it does not have the random chores on there and I have a few gazillion emails a day to add in but I know there are enough hours in a day and also that I have enough hours in the day that if I stick to this I could actually have the odd night off or  a lunch with a girlfriend.

So now my week looks like this..

It is hectic and there are things that will cross over on certain weeks but when that happens I just shift the one that is shiftable..

If you want to get pretty in your organisation here are a few fab downloadables just click on the images to go to the source..

 Do you plan or does looking at my schedule make you go cold and clamy?


It is ok to loose friendships..

I have lost a lot of what I thought were close friends over the past few years and I think it is an age thing, time of life with kids and possibly even a sideline of being a working Mum but it still makes me a little sad..

There are friends I thought would be with me forever, that I shared some really personal sides of me with that just simply don't seem to care what I feel anymore. I have reached out, emailed and suffered sleepless nights with anxiety over what I did to have them act like this...

BUT when I reflect on the ones I have gained in that time I feel so blessed, the people I work with who even though I don't see I am in constant contact via a quick email or text, some of the sellers on DTLL, the gorgeous on line community that have supported my journey

I trust and confide in them, the shit work stuff with the jaw dropping open up a hole and pull me in stuff. It is because I trust them and adore them like family.

In the past few years I have done nothing with any intention I do everything just because I wanted to do so. Of recent I have had some really touching things written or said to me and it makes me proud, it is a beautiful sentiment to be thought of in those ways and made me realise I don't need ALL those mates I had, I just need the ones that make me want to do nice things for. 

What is better than loving to do things for someone else more than yourself ?

Cherie and I emailed the other day about this and a little lightbulb just switched off so much of the anxiety I have had of recent regarding lost relationships so I decided to share in case anyone else had been feeling the same.

Its quality over quantity huh? Have you shifted friendship circles with age? or am I alone?