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For the love of a Feathery Decor Feature

Feathers have so many meanings For Native Americans they are power, The Eygptian Folk - God, those of Christian faith - Virtues and even in our dreams the white ones are there to represent innocence.

I personally have never met a design I didn't like.. and today wanted to share with you some of the many ways you could have some in your home.

From simple tags too amazing artwork, I have included 3 DIY's so you hardly even need a budget either.. You can just click on the image to go to the source..


Are you a feather fan? Between those and arrows they seem to be everywhere in the Decor ranges right about now x

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  1. I'm constantly fascinated by how trends come and go. How one week we are all neon or geometric obsessed and the next we collectively move onto feathers, or what not. Aren't we funny? x


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