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How I get back control by getting organised

Every once in a while I have a total meltdown, yesterday it was because Dex was jumping over a little dog in the park (as puppies do), the owner whilst being lovely about it was clearly not enjoying him do so and I was calling him to back off and come to me and being totally ignored (as puppies do when they are having serious fun). I eventually pulled him away after apologising to the lady and behind my sunglasses the tears started flowing!..

What a dick huh?! Can't cope with your puppy being a silly puppy in the park? Well no.. it was a culmination of a couple of days solo parenting, a backlog of work due to being at Pro Blogger the weekend before, a bit of upsetting news the week before and well.. LIFE!

I have this once in a while when I have a lightbulb moment about a certain area of my life that is in total dissaray. It could be work, being Mum, staying fit or just managing to keep us all fed for a week successfully.

So I had a little cry and came home to do what I always do to get back on track..

1. Write a LIST of what I need/must/want to do each week
2. Get my Calendar out
3. Schedule it all in..
4. Breathe again knowing I will stick to it for at least a month or so until I need to re do it again :)

Why do I do it? For two reasons.. it puts me back in control and it also shows me how even with all the things I have to do that I do still have some spare time. Ok so it does not have the random chores on there and I have a few gazillion emails a day to add in but I know there are enough hours in a day and also that I have enough hours in the day that if I stick to this I could actually have the odd night off or  a lunch with a girlfriend.

So now my week looks like this..

It is hectic and there are things that will cross over on certain weeks but when that happens I just shift the one that is shiftable..

If you want to get pretty in your organisation here are a few fab downloadables just click on the images to go to the source..

 Do you plan or does looking at my schedule make you go cold and clamy?


  1. I'm so relieved you're normal.

    I have the same meltdown monthly, & I'm not nearly as busy as you are.

    Thank God for sunglasses. x x x

  2. Yep and the ability to remember it is just a stage!

  3. It's hard when things just aren't clicking, nothing like a bit of scheduling to pull it all into perceptive. A cry is also good to clean the eyes to see though clearly again.
    If you ever need anything sweetheart just hola! x

  4. I've found having a baby was a huge turning point! People I saw on a day to day basis at work who I considered friends pretty much haven't spoken to me at all (either verbally or via SM) since I had my daughter 13 months ago. Thankfully a handful of my closest friends ended up having babies around the same age so we all still regularly talk and see each other. I think people just move on and mature and take different directions in life, sometimes what connected you before no longer exists or interests you.

  5. Thank goodness for lists and planners! I'd lose my mind without them. Sending you a big squishy hug.
    PS: I'm so glad you were at PB so I really could give you a big squishy hug. x

  6. I also think that sometimes it's just a phase, people are occupied with their own lives, their own worries, or new loves. I have had some friendships that have gone from almost nothing there for a few years to full bloom again. I try to focus on the friendships that just flow right in the now, although I also find it hard not to not be occupied by sad thoughts about things that work less well in that very moment... big hug for you!

  7. Now you KNOW how much me and lists get along. I am feeling so much more relaxed and less stressed since our organisation frenzy last week! xx

  8. I'm glad I popped over and choose this post to read. It's exactly what I needed and inspiring seeing you take back control. I also have a few confessions which are embarrassing. So here goes, first I lurk here on your blog and don't comment. Second confession at ProBlogger I had a moment and was flustered and confused with myself. On Thursday night before ProBlogger I had a moment with you when I grabbed your lanyard and said "no it's not you". I was looking for Sonia for my friend who has recently started blogging but couldn't make the conference. I was focused, confused, quite possibly rude all at the same without meaning to be. I realised in a moment I looked and sounded like an idiot and then thought how do I recover from this got overwhelmed from looking like an idiot and moved away. I am so, so, so sorry I didn't speak up again after that, I so should was my first ProBlogger and it's been my one regret I didn't have my head on right to slow down and have a proper opportunity to meet you without looking like a wank. Please forgive me. Finally I will stop lurking and start commenting. Thanks again for this post, it really resonated with me and how I feel about what's on my plate at times and juggling it all.


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