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How I use Mood Boards to pretend.... to be just about anything..

Interior Designer/ Stylist, Party Planner, Fashion Stylist.. even my own Personal Shopper. I am such a visually driven person and I get real pleasure from creating a cosy home or a lovely little vignette for a certain spot in the house.

I use them for the kids parties and even creating outfits if I have something super spesh to go too.. Call them design boards, inspiration boards, whatever you will but they are all the same premise.

As they are quite a joy to do I thought I would show you guys how you can do them too..

First up I will do a kids bedroom as I have been playing with the idea of moving my son out of his current shared bedroom and this may just give me the boost..

 I already have the bed and wall mural so all I needed was some inspiration images from my Pinterest boards  and then I just add the pictures of things I have spied that I want to buy to see how it will all pan out and if I can make it work.

It is amazing how you add certain things and suddenly go holy moly no way should I buy that it just doesn't match!

Second is a party plan one.. I am planning a little get together for DTLL's B Day in November and this one would work for pretty much any adult party.. even NYE?

I could have added and added to this board but using the mood board had me realise I had too many serving bowls so was forced to choose my favourites and that I had chosen three different wall decor items!.

I use picmonkey in collage to do these simple ones but if you know photoshop you can go to town.

All the inspiration images are taken from my pin boards with all the product items on this specific one.. pinning them is fab as then you can go back and delete any you don't need and easily find the things you wanted to purchase after.

Do you do Mood Boards for anything? Kids projects? Your wedding?


  1. Batman is the coolest, Superman is the strongest, but I'd be spiderman because he's got STYLE!!!

  2. Batman - simplicity, his one line comments and a big heart for the people

  3. Superman- classic good guy wanting to do the right thing!

  4. Wonder Woman...but wait on, isn't that what ALL of us mums are already?!? ;-)

  5. The Atom! To be able to shrink, and sneak around to intercept my children's plans for world domination....

  6. Supermum, I would LOVE to be Supermum able to leap piles of lego in a single bound, unfearful of endless bum wiping, washer woman extraordinaire.

  7. Charles Xavier. To see into the minds of others and help those that are suffering in silence.

  8. Batman he's cool his side kick Robin has corny one liners there's your entertainment, all the BIFF ! POW !! OUCH.. AND BAM !!you want. That's cool....

  9. Sailor Moon! She has the best hair.

  10. I'd be invisible-woman...what a great super power to have! Plus she looks hot...dreams are free lol :)


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