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So Mum are you angry with her?

Do you ever have days where you have to explain the unexplainable to your kids? I did the other day..

I come home from a day with my little lady and we see a package on the deck.. Kitty hops across and shouts.. ‘it says Totally Hooked Mum’..’ What?’ “ Are you sure?”..

I go to investigate and start muttering ‘oh she is so silly’ ‘ thats naughty’ ‘so unnecessary’ ‘quite ridiculous’

“What Mum?’ 

“Oh sorry Kitty, you know that lovely lady we met at the markets the other day that you bought your neon basket from?’ she nods.. ‘Well Mummy has been sorting out some business cards for her last week and she has delivered this beautiful basket to say Thank you’

'So Mum are you angry with her? Why are you angry if she is saying Thank you?’ 

‘Because she is too nice sweetheart, I am not angry just amazed at how lovely she is and saying she is naughty because she has done something nice she need not have done’

* Cue confused face and about 50 more questions as she followed me around the house whilst I moved everything around so I could have it pride of place in my favourite vignette spot!

Its a funny thing to explain to my kids why I admire the things I do in people or why I someone who outwardly appears amazing is really not all that but it is one I enjoy as it has us discussing people and their inner beauty instead of the outer that so often gets spoken about more..

Do you chat with your kids about what really make someone beautiful? 


  1. Oh how lovely! Isn't it nice that there are so many beautiful people around! xx

  2. I find it hard to convey the Social contradictions & meanings to my daughter. We say one thing but mean the opposite, it's not easy for a 6yr old to grasp. Especially when I answer with about 3 words she doesn't understand & I then have to try explain them... Then it's a usually cut down not real accurate meaning... Which ends with her saying. I don't get it. Lol

  3. Oh bless - she is such a sweetheart that gorgeous girl. Isnt it funny how literal they takes things xx

  4. I love how kids take things on face value. As adults, we read into things and say the opposite of what we mean...yet children simply tell it like it is. We need to do more of that, I think.

  5. We really do things so topsy turvy, don't we? Kids really reveal the many layers we operate under! I love Totally Hooked BTW. x


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