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Life Lately..

It has been ages since I did one of these.. and as much as my life never changes much things do certainly progress..

*It doesn't happen often but lunch with the girls is something that restores the soul and as Cherie came to stay for 3 days the other week we had a good excuse to ensure we took her out.

*The Cult List is my new brand I have created with Kate, it is all about small collections of home, fashion and jewels that we will release via our Insta or FB.

*I have written a separate post about the kids and their Parkour but lets just say it is certainly not wearing off

*Dex is growing up, he is a very loving pup and I think my only challenge as he ages will be his intelligence and keep up with his activeness 

*I had my old phoenix covered up with a bigger and better version, it was 5 hours and a test at times but with only a few tail feathers to finish I am pretty in love

*As ever I have been picking new flowers and learning more as I go.. how pretty in that little weed Lantana..

*I went to Pro Blogger on the GC. It was lovely to catch up with so many other bloggers but I truly think they need to demand everyone arrives a day before hand and stay 1 day after so you get more time to socialise as I missed so many people!!

What have you all been up too?


  1. I think its funny how we think life is just the norm and doesn't change. But then you list some things and when you read it back its like... wow there actually was a lot going on. Happy times. x

  2. The Cult List sounds fab, off to like the FB page.

    PS - Max fancies himself as a Parkour dude as well. It's very funny to watch...

  3. When I hear Parkour I laugh out loud remembering a scene from the American Office with Steve Carrell and him running through the office trying to do it. I think you said it well that though doesn't change much it progresses, I think it's a great response to the question when people ask. I feel much the same way life has progressed. Totally agree about PB it should be enforced early arrival and departure.

  4. Always stuff happening we just have to slow down the notice x

  5. will have to get him and the kids together!!


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