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Parkour.. do you even know what it is?

I have kids that are just like me.. short tempered, very grumpy if bored and need to get active often to ensure decent sleep (good thing they have my hubby involved in their DNA as he adds the good stuff)

We all love to watch TV and as I am a little over re runs of Toy Story, Cars and the rest we have developed a few new areas of viewing over the last year or so that works for all of us and has become a new area of conversation and activities..

One is cooking shows and the other is action sports, all 4 of us curl up and compare over what we think of the dishes and how they would taste or who we think will come out fastest/on top during an endurance race or event.

One of the shows we are mad about is American Ninja Warrior and as a result of it being about mastering random obstacles our house was becoming a little assault course each morning. The common theme amongst competitors was that they have a gymnastic base or partake in parkour so one night I decided to see what was available locally to harness our kids climbing monkey abilities and maybe point them in a more useful direction.

What is Parkour?

Parkour is ' a holistic training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training. People aim to get from A to B in the most efficient way possible.They do this using only their bodies and their surroundings to propel themselves

Enter AAPES.

We rocked up the next morning and the kids had a ball being taught how to go with the flow and move more like our primates, how they can clamber a wall up high without just using the upper body, how to fall and roll without damaging your bones and how to clear an obstacle without hardly touching it!.

We enjoyed it so much I wanted to share as it seems such a great way to have the kids active but being safe whilst having some serious fun..

Have you tried Parkour? Had you even heard of it? 


  1. Every year over here Ref Bull take over the south bank and put on a Parkour performance. They also turned Bristol harbour into ringed roof top arena with the audience in the middle wearing headphones Parkour and drumming music... All good....

  2. Yeah my kids love it too. We have new park here and parkour association have show there. It looks mad

  3. I really do need to take the boys to this - anything to stop them doing it in shops and places that they shouldnt ;) xx

  4. If I were getting a word tattooed on the back of my neck, this is what I would choose. Can you come with me? x

  5. My Max fancies himself as a bit of a parkour expert. You've met him... you know how this ends... x

  6. Hmm not sure it will stop them, just make them look better at doing it :)

  7. LOL.. thats why we took them :)

  8. Of course.. I have spent 7 hours with my ink boys in the last month!!

  9. sure i know what parkour is ; ) also this is article/interview explains it well: - have fun all of you and stay fit !!


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