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Shibori give me moreeee...

Dickhead title but man could I be addicted.. I bought my gorgeous girlfriend and business partner Kate an experience for her B Day and of course experiences are not much unless shared so got myself a ticket too..

We went to the workshop at The School by Joanna Fowles I have always wanted to go to a workshop there and this was the first time I have treated myself to one.. Oh boy did it deliver. Not only do you get to be hands on but the people you are there with are equally as excited as yourself and so much fun to be around..

I have more little bits to show you but will do that at a later date.. we dyed leather, silk and even my duvet cover so I will share those once made into cushions and on my bed etc :)

Kate and I have decided from this point forwards all gifts must be experiences shared ones if possible but experiences either way.. and no not spa stuff but learning and growing ones.

What do you give your besties for their B days? Have you been to The School?  


  1. I love the experience idea and next time... I am SO coming with you guys!!! P.S I think that photo of you two is officially my fave. Can you send me a copy please xx

  2. No, I've never been to The School but it looks totes awesome. Look at all the beautiful things - I can't wait to see what you've made. I think experiences are such good gifts, especially if you share them together, because things come and go, but memories last forever!

  3. Yep you SOOOO are.. and yes I will send it to you now my love x

  4. Its the shared memories that mean the most for sure :) I will let you know if we plan another so you can come too !


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