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Wild about Watermelon

The pineapple decor trend is showing no signs of disappearing , but there are a few other plants and fruits hot on their heels ... and watermelon is numero uno. Lets see how to get wild about watermelon with new seasons fashion, homewares and more.

 1. Watermelon headband

Watermelon headband Even if your little person was acting up a treat you would never be able to stop a smile breaking if you turned to see them in this Kapow Kids Watermelon Headband ($14.95)

2. Watermelon vase

Lovestar watermelon vase A cluster of these Lovestar Watermelon vases ($99) would add a fruity cocktail to your walls year round.  

 3. Watermelon wallpaper

wallpaper-1 The full wall or just a feature strip, this Jimmy Cricket watermelon Wallpaper ($40) is oh so cute. I have seen a few people decorate the back of bookcases with it too, which looks amazing!  

 4. Watermelon cookies

cookies We all know the kids will be rushing to eat their fruit when it comes in the form of watermelon Cookies! No special cookie cutter required, get the how-to from Glorious Treats.  

 5. Watermelon lamp

lamp-1 This Heico watermelon Lamp ($198) looks so realistic it's good enough to eat. Not a bargain price for a child's room, but it would age with the kids. Hey, I would like one now and I am nearer to 40!  

 6. Happy watermelon cushion

watermelon cushion I totally adore the whole collection from House of Wonderland but the Happy Watermelon Cushion ($37) just, well, makes me happy!  

 7. Missie Munster romper

romper-1 Perfect for the warmer months for little ones. The Missie Munster watermelon romper ($39.95) might even hide some of the juicy dribbles from eating Watermelon all summer long.  

 8. Watermelon Wall Decals

decal Pops of Pink that you can peel and reveal. These removable watermelon decals ($42.95) by Speckled House would be a fab idea for renters.  

 9. Watermelon Watch

watch-1 Possibly a little early to think Christmas but um, hello, the ultimate stocking stuffer? This Watermelon Watch ($39) by May28th is so cute and useful at the same time. (Time ... you see what I did there?)  

 10. Watermelon wood print

I carried a watermelon Channel your best Dirty Dancing lines with this 'I carried a watermelon' wood print ($60).  

 11. Watermelon juice

Watermelon Juice A kick of ginger and mint will take your fresh watermelon juice up a notch. Here's a recipe.  

 12. Watermelon pillowcase

watermelon pillowcase Do you get hungry during the night? Have a midnight snack with a watermelon pillowcase ($32). Sweet dreams!

What is your fruit of flavour? I think bananas are pretty cool too...


  1. Racing our home made billy carts down the hills near our home, I look at those hills now and wonder how mum ever let us haha!

  2. I like that Lovestar have created a watermelon version of their beloved heart vase. I find it funny how these things gain so much momentum... Like flamingos even cacti... But I'm quite partial to the pink grapefruit... I've got a pineapple & pink grapefruit DIY designs-thingy I've been meaning to do and get up on the blog for few weeks now... Need to get my butt into gear I think, lol.

  3. Oh sounds like something we could share in a newsletter :)

  4. Thanks for the vote of confidence Hun... Let's see how it turns out! Hahaha. x

  5. Playing home or school. I was a teacher.

  6. Dressing up in mum's old clothes. I think I spent half my childhood in her old taffeta, puffy sleeve bridesmaid dress!

  7. Handball. I was so good at it but I wouldn't have a clue how to play now!

  8. I like strawberries and bananas together. So weird but so good. I'm loving all the watermelon stuff sick, especially the vases. "swoon"

  9. To eat? ooh I have both.. I am off to try!! :)

  10. Yes... to eat! And strawberry and banana juice is the BEST!

  11. I used to love playing horses! My sister and friends would all pretend we were wild horses! How gorgeous! I hope my baby girl does this too!

  12. Kiss chasey with the boys next door

  13. A trip down memory lane is always exciting.
    MARBLES was our favourite game.
    Flicking the shooter across the line then picking up the beautifully coloured marbles and taking them anywhere we went. We played for keeps so I still have a bag full for nostalgic purposes.

  14. "Isn't she pretty?". Make the ugliest face possible and try to make my twin sister laugh. Then it was her turn.

  15. I always loved playing hide and seek with my brothers, we had a huge yard and so many hiding spots to choose from, however our beloved pooch would often give it away as she'd follow us when we were trying to hide :)

  16. My favourite games as a child was elastics. Singing songs, jumping around being creative and active. I can't wait to play with my daughters.

  17. We used to wrap my cousin head to toe in towels and then he became 'Robie' the robot from outer space. He was very mysterious and intriguing!


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