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Serious Reflection..

I had lunch the other month with Sonia and Bron. Those two girls are good for my ego. You see they have only known me for 4 years or so. They have watched me ride some huge waves and seen me be very honest about how tough they were alongside growing from the journey. Both girls know me in the personal and work capacity, they know how much I adore and cherish the community DTLL has created despite what I have given up to get there and well lets just say they let me know I have something and am someone to be proud off.

Whilst chatting about some less desirable personalities we had come across in business of late I said to Bron at that lunch it is amazing to talk about these people and not relate to them as they are the person  I used to be. I haven't been that person for a very long time as from the day I met Marcus I have shifted slowly but surely into the person I am today but I can now look back and see what a selfish person I once was.

I recently lost a friendship I had really valued as during the 'riding the waves' part of setting up DTLL I had not given enough of my time to her. It hurts and I am really sad she felt that way but she never voiced it and so I never knew. The thing was at exactly the same time I had another girlfriend who was not only not getting enough of my time but the time she was getting was actually filled with negativity. I was just not myself and she ignored it and dug on through.. I came out the other side and she actually said 'I am so happy to have my Tessa back'.

It wasn't until loosing one friend that it highlighted to me how amazing another one was to me.

It wasn't until listening to Bron chat about an egotistical character that I realised I used to be one.

It wasn't until I started really absorbing my husbands advice that I actually found I could action it.

It wasn't until I started taking the time to reflect every few months that I worked out how to live a better, happier and more fulfilling life.

Do you take time to reflect? Do you use what you find and take it to a better place? 


  1. I often find I reflect too late but I guess that I can reign that in with a bit of mindfullness. Great post to get me thinking. Thanks Tessa.

  2. I dont care who you were in the past or anything you did, all I know if you are you, one of my most fave people in the world and I love you to bits. BITS I tell you!!! xx

  3. Nice post. I think it's good you can step outside the frame...I rarely do but really should.

  4. Agree with Sonia, no point in dwelling on who you were in the past. You've changed and grown into the lovely lady you are now! I wouldn't want to be who I was 10 years ago. Friendships are tricky. I lost friends all throughout school, uni and well into my 20's. I think I was seeking out freindships in the wrong places and with the wrong people. Then I met my bestie who is 7 years younger than me. I love her so much and the age difference isn't even a issue. I try and take some time to reflect on things. Its good for the soul x


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