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Giving and Taking..

I am curious.. have you ever asked for a gift back?

I did it a few weeks back. I had bought this stunning piece of framed art for a couple last Christmas of which I now know the female didn't even like me anymore at the time that I gave it to them. I didn't make her feel good about herself so she had distanced herself from me and my life.

Thats all well and good but I didn't find out about that until 6 months after and it had me realise that the beautiful piece had gone to waste. That didn't really bug me until I started driving past their house each week on the way to Nippers and kept making me envision it sitting in the loft..

So I did it, first time ever, but I messaged and said can I have it back. I wouldn't re gift it but I want to give it back to the artist or to charity I just want the loving karma it was gifted with to end up somewhere other than in that house

I also offered to have a piece of personalised jewellery I bought her changed as I had gifted it with the words 'you are special' at a time when she was feeling far less than so. I didn't want it back as at the time of giving it I am pretty sure we were still good mates but thought she may want to change the wording..

It felt kind of wrong but it also felt like something I needed to do and whilst possibly selfish it is not like it is going to ruin a friendship as she had already made it clear that was over..

Have you ever taken a gift back? Am I odd? 

* funnily enough, she never responded but returned both items and even a few others to my front door step with no note.. my emotions? incredibly hurt but very happy I can just move on and focus on those that stood by me when I was doing it tough setting up DTLL alone not the ones that jumped ship.


  1. I've never asked for a gift back, but I've wanted to, so good on you for doing so! I don't think you're odd, but I do think you're brave!

  2. I think it was odd of me to do so too.. another blog post next week explaining more about why..

  3. No I don't think you were odd at all. (I wish there were italics, I didn't want to use capitals and start shouting!)

  4. I had mixed feelings when I read this one Tessa. Initially I thought you meant a recent gift, like you gave something to someone when it wasn't exactly right & wanted it back to give them something you were intending in the first place (that's me).
    But when I realise it was from a while ago & because of a fallen friendship... I was like god no!
    I find this interesting as the only reason is not to stir the pot, but only out of shame I guess and really that's not a reason. Good on you! Why shouldn't you confront them and tell them you want theses things back, especially when they don't appreciate them to begin with.
    Kudos Hun, kudos!

  5. You know my thoughts on this beautiful... she doesnt deserve you or anything you gifted to her with love... and you deserve so much more than what she gave you xx

  6. Good on you, sometimes people need to know these things. I'm a total wuss so I applaud you and your moxie.

  7. I'm not sure that I could take a gift back if it was given in the right spirit. But every circumstance is different, I'm sure there are situations where this is justified and without knowing the full story, maybe this is one of them. It seems she was happy to give them back, and you are happy so win win.


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