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Lets all go Free..

Free to air that is..

Our family, well Marcus and I, had mumbled about cancelling Foxtel from after about a year of moving to this house (we had never had it in any previous abodes) so after 4 years of apparently umming and ahhing we finally cut ties.

The clincher for us was actually our children..

Kitty walked in one day and mentioned she was going to get her dog his 'kibble'. 'Kibble, what on earth is kibble?' 'Oh you know Mum its what Odi eats in Garfield'.

The duo both used the words 'awesome' and 'rad' far too frequently considering our children had never seen a skateboard at that stage AND I could not stand to wake up to them scrolling through the plethora of dumb cartoons that are really made for teenagers and fart, belch and have too many inuendos.

Marcus and I realised most of what we watched as a couple was either already on free to air or would be soon and if not we could just get the DVD series.. talking True Blood, Suits, Orange is the New Black etc so the only thing we would loose was The Housewives of every State in the USA, Vanderpump Rules and a few other shows that would never return us back the hour of our life we had wasted watching.

It has been at least 4 months.. we are richer in every way..

Cash, of course...
I get to watch Ellen daily instead of Housewives...
If we run out of stuff recorded we go to bed..
Best bit.. our kids watch DVD's when it is down time and never even bother to turn it on in the morning.. they just play.

Its been like us moving house.. I wish I had done it earlier.. what the *^%# was I waiting for?

Why am I sharing? In case you are thinking the same.. GO FOR IT!..

Do you have Foxtel? Have you got rid if it and loved it? What shows could you never kick? 


  1. Such a liberating thing to get rid of Foxtel, isn't it? We had it as kids, and really, after the initial excitement, we found it pretty repetitive and the only things I ended up watching were old re-runs of Saturday Night Live, which you can get by other means anyways. We get all our fixes through DVD or sharing with friends. And omg... Suits! How awesome is that show?? I am in love with Harvey. So is my husband. Good on you guys!! x

  2. I wish we could get rid of it. I don't have kids who are TV addicts but I do have a husband who can't live without TV. More to the point, he can't live without Premier League soccer so unfortunately, Foxtel is a permanent fixture. If it wasn't for the sport, we could take it or leave it. There's so many channels and they're almost all full of s**t! I'd take quality over quantity any day! Good on you guys, I hope you do something really flash with all the Foxy cash!

  3. We talk about this all the time! Should we? Shouldn't We? We want to but to be honest I am afraid I will miss it. I am way too addicted to my favourite shows! I agree with the cartoons though. My god some are just crap!! I think it would be a good start for me to cut out the kids channels. But I need some Real Housewives and Vanderpump in my life! I am happy at the moment for those shows to suck that 1 hour of life a out of me. Its my wind down time x


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