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Reconnecting at Sculptures

I have wanted to go to Sculptures by the Sea for quite a few years and work has always been too busy but this year I forced myself to go.. I found a few excuses.

One of my besties won a comp as best amateur photographer there last year with this image so I just had to take the opportunity to wander around with a superstar..

That same bestie is the one I have dedicated a whole post to in a week and was one of the few I spoke about in my loyalty post and we were in need of some time out, just us two.. 

... it is in Bondi so I got to take her to see Guy of Bondi Harvest at The Depot for lunch AND my Bondi office is above so that makes it work huh?!

Have you been to Sculptures ? It travels too.. WA at the mo but more to come I hear..


  1. I've been before but not for a few years. Every year I say I'm going to go and every year I miss out! At least this year I can live vicariously through your photos, they're stunning. I'm totes putting it top of my things-to-do list in 2015! Looks like you lovelies had a fabulous day!

  2. We have something similar on the Gold Coast, Sculptures by the Sea, it's just magic. LOVE these photos! As a writer I don't have a sculpture in me but I can appreciate all the work that has done in to them!

  3. Sounds like a fantastic setting for reconnection, there's something about the quietness of art that works well for that.
    You Sydneysiders are really winning me over to your region.

  4. Such gorgeous images hun. So glad you had that time with her xx

  5. Great photos! We have missed it the last few years. It always goes by so quickly and you feel like there is always more time. Maybe next year….

  6. Great Photos! I too have always wanted to go see this, looks like a great day out.


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