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Welcoming Pain...

When I spoke about Indian Giving last week I omitted a detail I later realised upon one of my reflective moments..

I asked for the one item back which was possibly childish and got them all.. definitely childish 

The thing is I think I sort of asked for the hurt to see how far that person that I would still have welcomed back in my life would go. Well she answered in no uncertain terms that she truly did not give an iota about me or my feelings. No note, not even one telling me where to go.

I had to hold myself back from being super bitchy and listing the things that had been forgotten, possibly they were in use but whatever the reason I refused to lower myself to such a) nasty and b) pathetic behaviour 

It has been quite cleansing. I can walk away thinking why would I even want to fight for that?

It has hurt and it still hurts but I drive past her house and my kids ask after the family and I say sorry sweethearts she is not my friend anymore. They say ‘why?’ I say ‘she just doesn’t like Mummy, she says I don’t make her feel good’. I could go a different route but why? I am not lying to my kids, I am not shying away.. instead I welcome the pain as it is the only way to heal. 

Her telling me I was not a good enough friend just makes me want to be a better on to all my others. I choose to live my life these days by find the silver linings, and if facing some pain leads to that then it is the way I will go about it.

Life is too short to dwell on what does not make you feel good.. 

Do you face your pain or run a mile? 


  1. If it brings you any comfort at all, your truer friends read posts like these with their hands on their hearts, because they both *feel* & relate to the pain that you describe, & I'll be honest, I feel a little bit protective too. As in, a kind of ... "how dare she!" protective Mama bear/friend kinda way.

    But then I think (like you), well, ... her loss.

    And I know you know that. x x x

  2. Life is too short and too precious to have people or do things that don't make you feel good. Sometimes, you need to feng shui yourself, that is remove yourself from what you don't need and who you don't love. A life full of good people, good thing and big love is one that's fulfilled and happy. Besides, And I really believe that there is always a silver lining. (And "always" in italics!)

  3. You could not possibly be a better one if you tried. Love you to bits my gorgeous friend xx

  4. Your life will be better for it. Feel the pain and move on with no regrets.

  5. How wonderful that you've taken a negative painful situation and turned it around into something positive for those you still have in your life. And having that sense of closure is sure to be a good thing too. xx

  6. It's very easy to get caught up in the anger and pain. What stopped me was asking myself "am I proud of who I am" when my head hits the pillow at night... Once I thought about this it changed my reaction & changed my view.
    I realised I cannot make people see things the way I do, nor convince them & you know what, that's ok. They are different & that's how they want to be, it's there fairly land so let them live it how they choose. Walk away knowing what you know & being proud of who you are.
    Lay your head on your pillow being true to you, that this is of their choice and choosing and that's ok because you have everything you'll ever need & more already with you. xx


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