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A Traditional Modern Christmas..

Using the Traditional Christmas Colours for decorating makes for easy shopping and co ordination with new items as you grow your collection.

Traditional Colours do not have to mean traditional design or even style. I am just talking fabulous greens and reds mixed with either silver or gold for your added bling.. and of course you can never add enough white. 

I have put together an inspiration board of styled images and some more modern version decorations of those traditional colours.. just click on the images to find the sources.


I like to add a few new pieces each year to my collection and always buy well made items that will last me more than just the one season. 

My decorations have evolved with the trends and once I combine that with the tree and some Christmas foliage I am all set for 

What colour theme do you do for Christmas?

*I wrote this post for LifeInstyle

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  1. Our tree is white and used to be decorated in browns and golds, but now anything goes. I love ALL the colours. We got one of those personalised baubles this year, and they are totally ace. It's our far and away favourite thing on the tree! Love your little inspo board - what a cracker of a selection!


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