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Selling your Insta Pictures..

So Katrina was talking about people selling their Instagram Images the other month as lots of Instagramers are getting approached by brands to use their images.

As I used to model and my images were used in a variety of branding I have a fair amount of knowledge on what an image is worth and felt it would be a good idea to share..

Yes for sure, if you want to sell the image go for it.. coming from a place where my mug was bought for the same reason payment should depend on usage.

The brand is relevant, are they a big brand?..
How long do they have the right to use it for.. 1 month or 1 year?
Lastly where will they use it, just on line? in mags? using to print in leaflets that go worldwide?

To give you an idea. I used to sign a contract for x amount of time with x amount of usage and once that expired it could be re negotiated for a further use or time if they wanted.. any use caught outside the contract during the signed period could then be charged for.

My numbers would be way off the mark now (as 3 years+ old) but for example a single image for a car brand being used in leaflets for 1year and in Aus and NZ only was circa $5000-7000, the same scenario for a more boutique homeware brand/item would be maybe $2500

If you sell your image to anyone without a usage contract they could put in a stock library and be selling it for $250-1000 each time it is used and then you have no control where it goes..

Lots to consider.. its not fair if people start to get ripped off so I thought I would put it out there..

Do you know anyone that has sold their images? 


  1. My head hurts.

    Me no compute, ha!

  2. Great advice Tessa as I think people approached would probably be caught up in the excitement they'd think they'd be buying it outright not for a usage period. I guess if u consider how much it would be for that company to hire a photographer a model or staging, be a fair bit... Good to know. x

  3. I had no idea. Man the minefields though lol xx

  4. I'd go nuts for macadamia nuts, I love finding wonderful little treasures in hampers.

  5. Anything with truffle, like truffle salami or truffle honey! Coffeeholics also go nuts for chocolate covered coffee beans. Dee-licious!!

  6. Chocolates, have not met anyone that is not grateful for chocolates

  7. Whenever I gift hampers, I add a handwritten note or poem detailing each of the items and why I have chosen them for that person... it's a great way to make the gift so much more heartfelt and special, and really fun to put together too!


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