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Road Tripping..

This Christmas Season marked my first real holiday since DTLL launched in Nov 2011, I took my laptop and had to work morning and evening with a few interim emails if we hit wi fi during the day but for the most part I managed to have some real family time and it was total bliss. 

Our first part was a road trip from San Francisco to San Diego and thats what I am sharing today..

First hit was San Fran where we had just missed a huge rainstorm that grounded our original flight in from LA but luckily for us from that point on it was only drizzles mixed with sun.

First stop was the original diner Loris.. there are a few more of these around now but this was the original and it did not disappoint.. the coffee was average, the milkshakes were ridiculously amazing and the food portions were huge.

We spent a few days doing the rounds of the crooked street, riding the trams and just generally pottering and then we cycled over The Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito so we could return by ferry and see Alcatraz..

On our 3rd day we collected a car and started the road trip.. slow and steady with only 3 hrs or so each day was just perfect as it meant we could hang where we were if it was fab or head off early if boring and have more time in the next place..

Monterey Aquarium was the next stop, the Number 1 Aquarium in the world!!. It was pretty fantastic and the kids saw a few things they have never seen before. I would recommend it for sure.

As we headed out on the coast road it was late and that was a bit of a mistake as it was pretty windy roads and we got a total torrential downpour for well over an hour in pitch black. Marcus and I quietly poo'ed our pants whilst the kids watched DVD's.

Next stop was Pismo Beach where I had finally had enough sleep catch up and got to go running.. it was beautiful but not much happening so we headed on to Santa Barbara early the next day where we headed straight to Handlebar Coffee Roasters for a coffee as directed by Marcus's favourite Barristers in Sydney..

We yet again got in some awesome morning runs. Marcus kept coming back from his run saying 'Go hun, you will be so angry if you don't as it is just stunning' I was so tired as my body was catching up on 3 years of non stop work but I am glad I listened to him as it was just that.. stunning, fresh and so different to my track runs ..

The one thing I found really confronting across our travels of the US was the homeless. I would have thought I would have been ok with it having been a Londoner all my life and there being a lot of homeless there but it has been a long time and we just don't see it in the same way in Sydney. To see people carrying half a house behind them on a bike just breaks my heart..

The next part was of course the bit the kids had been hanging for and we headed to Universal in LA and then Disneyland where we stayed at the hotel.

We found it hard to eat healthily whilst we were in the theme parks but we carried loads of fruit, grabbed pretzels and water as we went around and then tried to either eat a massive breakfast or leave early enough to eat dinner at a Japanese or the likes..

Staying at the Disneyland Hotels is an great idea as it means you can do the 2 parks over 2 days and stay light for the light shows and fireworks one night with early entry granted the next day for hotel guests meaning you can get all the major rides done in no time.. we managed to do the Adventure Park by 3pm the second day and got to ride our favourite rides 2 or 3 times thanks to that early start hour. As an FYI we much preferred The Adventure Park over Disneyland Park.

We have one of my brother in laws and his family in San Diego so we headed to theirs for a couple of days of catching up and a trip to Seaworld before departing for Mexico.. Arriba, Arriba!!

I have a total other post to write on Seaworld as it left me feeling rather strongly about the situation and Mexico?.. Maybe next week? I am just going to soak up the joy of sharing these images with you for now as it is brining memories flooding back..

Have you done that road trip? What was your favourite bit?  


  1. Love you to the moon and back ♥

  2. I'll be really interested in reading what you thought about Seaworld as right now my sons who are unwell are watching Free Willy a movie about an orca whale in captivity and I'm getting a LOT of questions about "why are the whales caught?" And here I was thinking of taking them to Seaworld (just the one on the Gold Coast) Lol! Your trip to the U.S. Looks amazing!

  3. Its a coming.. do they get protestors outside GC Seaworld?

  4. Our family explores, works, plays, loves & dreams together.

  5. That trip looks amazing. Love San Fran and Disneyland is my favourite. We too loved California Adventure more than Disneyland proper, I can't wait to see the pics from the rest of your trip!

  6. The Adventure Place was just more modern and fast paced which I had hoped Disneyland would be x

  7. You only live once,

  8. I carry your heart
    I carry it in my heart

  9. Hope is the heartbeat of the soul

  10. Learn from Yesterday
    Live for Today
    Hope for Tomorrow

  11. Something inspirational and applicable to everyday life - simply "make it happen"

  12. We made a wish...
    & you came true

  13. La vie est faite de petits bonheurs = Life is made of small happy moments.

  14. "Sunnyside"
    Love the idea of using this for our house name after our baby girl Sunny we lost before she was born. Gave us perspective to look on the "sunnyside" of life.

  15. Five bullet Betty
    In respect of the first female police officer and commissioner of NSW portrayed in a tv series after discovering a wealth of history when purchasing her 100 year old federation home

  16. I loved seeing your holidays snaps while you were travelling - you guys looked like you had the best time! x

  17. "The sun will always rise" to remind us that there is always a new day to try again.

  18. I would love to win this for friends that are getting married. What a unique wedding gift! This may just become my standard go to gift!

  19. Craig's Shed - a personal 'tag' for Dad's man cave

  20. It was just a little bit awesome to get away :)


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