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NY Resolutions but not..

I no longer make huge resolutions only to fall flat on my face a few weeks later, it is not good for the ego and I am all about kicking goals these days..

I thought I would share my first wave of them in the hope I can inspire you to also make a few.. baby steps, the small things, little changes that can result in big changes

I am adopting something from my beautiful friend Jacqui's 7 Day Mind Cleanse .. no digital technology half an hour before bed 5 days a week (hers is an hour and everyday but I am adapting for nights where shit happens)

10.30pm will be my latest bedtime during the week. I could work all night so I need to do this for my sanity, health and better well being

I will moisturise after showers, I do my face but often miss my body and quite simply I want to and need to make time for that

Maintain a pedicure all year around, Why? because it make me feel finished..

Meet my female coach/mentor/guide/entrepreneur advisor by Valentines. I meant to arrange to meet her last year and just got busy so this year I have set a date to have done our first meeting by as I want to get things rolling and need some advice/guidance along the way

Take the next leap for DTLL by July, I can't disclose this one as its business etc but its a big step forwards for DTLL and I am again setting a date.

Book Jacquis Meditation Retreat they are not cheap but I KNOW it will be worth every penny and I want to do it with my man for a better future with clearer minds..

One bar max for chocolate consumption on weekends, we only have chocolate on Friday, Saturday and Sundays but have never set a limit.. this year I am as we are ridiculous with willpower on the sweet stuff.

Read a book a month, simple and a must do for me..

Dedicate 1 day per week to The Cult List, this business feeds my soul. I am designing with one of my best friends the things I have not been able to find and we are reaching out to amazing artists (some from DTLL) to collaborate on new and fresh ideas..

Wear perfume daily, just because I forget to do so and it makes me feel good..

Go on.. you must have some little ones? whisper them to me and I will whisper them back later in the year to you :)


  1. Perfume.


    It's a game changer. And one I have only adopted since Christmas!

    ... makes me feel pretty, ha!

  2. Oh I love this Tessa! I also don't do NY resolutions either, I'd rather do small things like this that are actually attainable and also goals that have a purpose but aren't about climbing mountains. lol!

    Such a good idea to have a turn off time for you devises. Its so easy to get lost in them & i'm sure its not healthy. Agree with the cream although for me its my hands. I hate having cream on my hands I just want to wipe it off, so this year better care of my hands and feet would be good.

    I hate leaving the house without perfume, I got into such a habit doing this to use all the copious amounts of perfumes I had accumulated from hubby (he'd by me one every gift giving event!). I feel odd without it now, plus its one of those things that just makes me feel like a lady.

    Best luck with all your NY small wins! xx

  3. So agree with wearing perfume daily! I'm a stay-at-home Mum, half the time I go nowhere and often it's only my kids and husband I see but I wear perfume daily, every single day without fail and it's the best thing ever! It picks me up, makes me feel feminine and even if I'm covered in snot or Vegemite finger marks from my kids it reminds me of my former life and gives me a sense of me. Perfume power! Who knew?!

  4. Yep I am pretty happy with my list as some so easy and others a bit more of a challenge.. looking forward to seeing you soon x

  5. I love all of your resolutions hun - and manicures are high on my list too. I had to laugh today, because I spoke to Kate this afternoon and you and her and I are once again all speaking the same language. We will encourage each other this year to do more for ourselves and more with our families. OK done! xx

  6. What a great list! I don't do resolutions either but prefer to work towards achievable life enhancing goals! I love the idea of no digital technology before bed, I'm totally trying that and I'm also working on going to bed earlier too. I'm going back to my personal trainer this year, because even if I don't look better, I will feel better and I'm going to squeeze in another half marathon too. I can't wait to see all the exciting things the businesses have in store (excuse the pun!)

  7. Love that Sammie, Life enhancing goals is what they are.. which half will you do? I may join you :)

  8. I'm hoping to do Blackmore's because the course is awesome and it's so much easier to train through winter than summer! I'd love you to join me, but I think you'd be streets ahead of me (literally!) Yes, Life Enhancing Goals (LEGs) that's a thing! x

  9. Hun, I grin every time I look at my neon orange toes!! Thanks for your card BTW. Only just got it on return home :)

  10. I might actually train for the Blackmore full.. If I grow some balls :)

  11. Yes, do it! Grow the balls and run the lot! x

  12. I love all the little feel good things on your list. I'm aiming for a book a month this year too but I like the idea of something for me, something pretty like wear perfume every day. I have sort of made a silent one to myself to use nice shower gel/soap/oils this year.

  13. I made that one last year and its fab as you know what they actually last a while and feel so luxurious when doing it.. well worth it Malinda :)

  14. I like all your little ones, Tessa, for they are trally all big ones in disguise. I would do looooove to do a retreat like Jacqui's, but we are saving our pennies for a big family trip at the end of the year. x

  15. Yes I have just paid for flights to the UK in June so no idea where I will find the $$ but likely my B Day and Christmas Pressie together this year x

  16. Beautiful non-resolutions lovely. I am doing the no tech half an hour before bedtime thing too. And it's making such a difference!


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