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Oh I too am done..

My husband is one of 5 boys and I can't tell you how amazing it is to be amongst them all an experience the togetherness and warmth that comes from such a huge gathering of people that quite simply love each other a lot..

I mean come on. Will you look at that?..

BUT I come from a small little family with me, my parents and my brother. We are far apart but close of heart and I love that we have such simple dynamics.

The other day Cherie wrote a post over at Mother & Baby about how she knew she was done with having kids and I realised I TOO am done. We have spoken of having 2 more kids and creating a family of 4 but my trip to Mexico changed that.

I watched people struggling on planes solo with 3 kids, I have done solo to the UK with 2 twice and survived but 3?
I watched people flying with mobile 18month olds who want to toddle and don't watch films and turned to look at mine either staring at the video screen or flat out asleep thanks to going square eyed from movie watching.. happy days.
I watched children in our buffet breakfast where the parents couldn't trust the 6 year olds to go to the toilet alone let alone get some fruit.
I watched siblings spend nearly what I assumed was their whole holiday arguing with each other and then lastly I watched a whole heap of parents off load their kids to kids club for the better part of 6-10 hours a day.

Now I would never judge anyone else's behaviour or choices but I do know that I wasn't doing anything of the same and that is because my two are just right for us..

We have enough time to teach them manners, or should I say patience, lol.
They play well enough together for the most part that we don't feel the need to have them go elsewhere so we can relax on holiday.
They show me every day that they totally get how important family is and we are out of the totally dependant days.
We are at that stage where we can have freedom to do crazy late nights or make them walk all day trekking around San Fran and know that despite being tired the next day they will find balance again.

Our little family is just right and it gets more right year by year so I am done.

I look to the future and am excited to shape the two kids we have. I love our little unit and I don't want to be greedy. I have all I need and so I reckon it is my duty to be done. I feel I now owe it to my kids to stop where I am and consider myself lucky that I love where we are.

Are you done? What is your number? I so thought mine would be 4 but it turns out it is 2 :)


  1. I THOUGHT I was done especially after our big trip away when we were the perfect foursome that was easy and made sense and just worked. And then my heart got in the way...rarely do matters of the heart make sense or are easy. We'll work out the big mess as we go!

  2. Oh you know if I fell pregnant tomorrow I would be over the moon but if I am planning? I am planning not to do so :)

  3. I wrote a two part post on this late lat year Tessa and I know what you're saying. Especially as we are on Holidays with bad weather and the children don't want to sleep at lunch and trying to keep them entertained... they are 3.5yrs and 19months. We are done but my ovaries still scream every time I see a new born and I well up at photos of our babies as real babies.
    My husband and I were only saying last night that the newborns are a cinch compared the the stage we find ourselves in at the moment.

  4. You are totally at the harder part and whilst that is not helpful now I guarantee it gets easier..

  5. I am done…I think.
    It is just me and my sister but my husband is the youngest of five and I love how there always seems to be a sibling around.
    But practically, it just doesn't make sense for us.
    It is hard raising my children without my family here…I don't get much of a break…which is fine with our current dynamics but I think I might lose it on a regular basis if we added one more!
    I know that long haul plane flights are always going to be a part of our lives…I managed with one and I think I will manage with two but I can't imagine setting off on a 24 hour journey with three kids on my own! Not to mention the expense!

  6. Contentment is key, isn't it?
    Pregnancy wasn't a joyous time for the most part as it was.
    After even before I had Ed I knew 2 was my cap and Ed being a more 'challenging' bubba sealed the deal.
    I went on a trip to Adelaide with my girlfriend her 2 & my two all 4 under 3 and the odds were against us. We had a ball but it was crazy and we look back on it now and wonder how we did it... seriously.
    I was booked in for a Tubal Ligation 2 weeks after! Done. x

  7. Oh Kim you crack me up.. can't wait until the kids are back for a catch up x

  8. We are one in the same you and I and OMG the flights.. we just booked to go back in June.. $10k and we haven't booked a car, eaten a morsel or booked any accommodation!!

  9. I love this.

    My stomach sunk when I thought about 18 month olds on long flights (i.e FRANKIE when I go to SCOTLAND later this year), because that is going to be F*CKING HELL, but ... yes, the rest of it? Wow. I don't want to fast forward time, but at the same time? I long to be where you are, where late nights mean that yes, your kids are tired, but it doesn't stop the WORLD TURNING like it does when infants/toddlers don't go to sleep on time.

    I am so done. So UTTERLY, happily done.

    My next baby will be a fur baby :)

  10. My new address - FOUR Salcole Street

  11. Phillip and Jackie love each other

  12. hmmm I dont think I am ever really going to be totally done as I still get clucky at the sight of chubby bubs. Maybe it is because I never got my girl that I have that feeling. No going back now though xx

  13. Mmm um not to sure how to anwer cause... We are both from large families, have been fortunate to have a large family ourselves. I have times when I think....this might be it and then.... it's not ;)
    Visiting from rewind:)

  14. I get clucky but I know I am done :)

  15. I love that 'and then it is not' . if mine was suddenly not I would be ecstatic but if I am choosing :)

  16. They are just the most gorgeous two, Tessa. No wonder you are full up. x

  17. Erin has 10 gorgeous kids, Tessa. Just sayin... x

  18. That huge family pic is awesome - you all look like you have such a fun time together. I'm pretty sure that I'm done - I have two gorgeous toddler tornadoes (boy and girl) and I am more than happy to live vicariously through my friends. I still can't bring myself to travel on a plane with my kids just yet (grocery shopping or our annual ferry trip to Rottnest Island is tough enough)!

  19. Bron, chuckling at you, too funny. Yeah and most times ten doesn't seem like alot, though occasionally I catch a glimpse of them all walking along together and think, yeah I guess that's a bit of a crowd. Or sometimes when we're sitting around the table I get a shock and realise, all mine, wow. Mostly they're all individuals and it's all normal my normal .


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