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Questions with the Kids..

I can't even remember where I saw these now as I copied them ages ago but they made me laugh.. try them with yours :) I might try and remember to ask again next year !

1. What does Dad do at work?

H : He does some writing and gets to do whatever he wants

K : He does computer work, lots of maths and other stuff

2. What does Mum do at work?

H: You do some computers and you do some putting up pictures

K : Down that Little Lane, finding things for people and selling stuff

3. What is your favourite outfit?

H :Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

K : My Mexican Dress

4. If you could be an animal for a day, what would you be and why?

H : A Cheetah because it is the fastest

K : A Flamingo because they are athletic and can balance on one foot

5. What is your favourite song?

H: Hey

K : Roar

6. What is your favourite food?

H: Apples & Grapes

K : Chocolate

7. Do you think kids can drive cars? Why?

H: No, because they don't have a licence and only adults do..

K: No, because they don't have a licence and they haven't learnt how to drive yet

8. What is the best thing you did today?

H : I took good care of you and pushed the trolley at the Chinese (supermarket)

K : I did great Soccer Practice

9. What makes you happy?

H: My Birthday

K: My Family

10. What is Dad’s favourite drink?

H: Wine

K: Wine

11. What is Mum’s favourite drink?

H: Water (he means tonic water)

K: Wine

What do I take from this?

Not much apart from I notice my son thinks about best thing he does in a day as what he does for others not himself (I like that). Kitty really has embodied my view that family is everything (I like that).

Neither really know or probably care what we do for work and both have no idea what our favourite drink is as we hardly drink alcohol much but as mine would be a G&T Harrington was sort of close :)

Have you done these? link below if you have or do later as I would love to see other kids answers!


  1. I've got a friend who does this every year with her kids on the eve of their birthdays. It's such a neat idea, isn't it? Your kids have given some awesome answers!

  2. I am so going to think up some more and try and make it a new years thang :)

  3. Oh I love this. I am so doing it! xx

  4. This is great. I'd love to know what my kids answers are.

  5. I think we should think up some more to add to the list ..

  6. Love it. I often ask the kids all sorts of questions to see where they're at, it's often hilarious. I really should make a record of it.

  7. Totally Trudie, Imagine a little notebook at their 21st of the best answers!!

  8. Oh this is fabulous! I love kids perceptions on things it's hilarious. It give you an insight into them and also how they view the world or be it their family or parents.
    I'm so doing this with my kids, I'm not sure what Ed will come out with as maybe a little small but Neva be hilarious.
    We asked her once what dad did for work she said he goes to the gym... To funny (he works in the city for an insurer... Lol).

  9. Classic, I am trying to think of a new set of question for even more amusing answers

  10. I love your putting up pictures... x

  11. Yay!! you did the questions. These were from Fleur at Our Urban Box and I did them with my kidlets too. How funny are their answers. I was super surprised at their answers and how much H took in... his answer about what his Dad did for a living -


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