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The Bohemian Home..

I was asked by to talk about The Bohemian Home last month and as I know not all of you get those newspapers I thought I would share my thoughts here too..

Bohemian does not have to mean hippy, messy or cheap which I think is what some people visualise when they see those words. Au contraire, Bohemian is more of an eclectic approach of mixing colours, using different contrasting textures and happily mixing the old with the new.

How do you add small accents to your home? 
It can be as simple as an ornate kantha drapped over the bottom of your simple white bed. 
A collection of mixed treasures from your travels creating a little vignette in your hallway is a Bohemian welcome or simply having a mix of old and new style chairs around a dining table creates a different vibe. 
If you already have a few cushions adding some more in contrasting colours or designs will also start you on your Bohemian journey.

So where do you find these products? 
Everywhere.. that is the beauty of Bohemian, there are not many rules but as the look has an eclectic vibe you will create an authentic style by shopping from handmade stores, collecting pieces whilst travelling abroad, going to markets or finding some older treasures in the charity shops

Do you like the look?
I love it. It doesn't suit my house and I think you need a decent space to create it well or it can seem cluttered but it is fun and full of personality and that appeals to me.

Is Bohemian home decor in fashion?
It certainly is and I don't think it ever goes out of fashion as it is not a phase. It has always been around just in different styles. I do think the more recent trends of colourful interior decor has meant more people are open to the idea now than previously as they brought a little more colour into their home and liked it.

What are some essentials for a Bohemian look? 
Bohemian tends to have a more rich colourful look to it and often has a more ornate finish so think emerald, turquoise, yellow, fushcia and blues with either embroidery or beading.
Handmade items definitely fit right in and layering up your pieces really creates the vision.
Age is also a huge part of the look or at least something looking like it has history even if it is new.
Lastly grouping items together but not in a uniform manner.. picture walls of all sorts of media. mix painting with prints and photos.. 

Top 10 musts for a Bohemian looking home.
Create Colourful Clusters
Candles are always around..
Beading or Embroidery Pieces will always pop up
Groups of Items can be put anywhere and everywhere
Mix and Match frames on a Gallery Wall create a fabulous 
Plants or Flowers in old bottles or vintage vases
Layer your pieces up
Collect some favourite handmade items
Start to mix old and new in close proximity
Bohemian is not minimalist, it is not all straight lines and it is your chance to express your self

What style of home do you have? Do you have a touch of Bohemian anywhere?


  1. Love the Bohemian look. Do you know where that cross comes from in the first image? Is it DTLL?

  2. Mr & Mrs A & A Richards (for my special niece)

  3. Mr and Mrs Trevis
    (for our upcoming wedding)

  4. '...and nothing else matters...' The words to our favourite song that made me fall in love with my man all over again..

    With 2 babies under 2, trust me - it's true.

  6. I freaking love the Bohemian look.. actually I just love eclectic.. but then you already knew that so why am I even saying this lol xx

  7. Hi Karin, Sorry to say the cross is an old prop not sold by anyone I know x

  8. Bugger! I am so cross fussy LOL my collection needs a lift, I put a Typo one in the mix and it has just brought the rest down. :)

  9. I just really want that New York sign, it's a sign within itself, and we are actually going to New York this year!! Love it!!

  10. I would like a sign that says The Quarries (it's our surname)

  11. Mr and Mrs van Hal - a gift for my sister on her Wedding day in March.

  12. I'd get a sign made up for my market stall featuring my logo 'Kat White Polaroid Photography' - or a fancy font! Would be perfect :)

  13. Families birthdates or our surname.

  14. Neika Farmhouse (for our newly purchased renovators delight cottage)

  15. I absolutely love the coast so my custom made sign would read... Beach Please

  16. Mr. & Mrs. Hower? Running joke between my partner (of 20yrs) and me, he says we will get married in the nursing home! Ha Ha!

  17. I'd like "Castle Anastasiou" for our front porch, for our home IS our castle.

  18. I often think I have an inner bohemian inside me fighting my Hamptonsesque leanings to get out. I love the 'bobo' French scene in particular. x

  19. love all of the things in these pictures. i am eclectic / bohemian/ must have colour and texture!


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