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Facebook Connections

This funny thing happened the other day.. I bet you have done it too.. I am pottering through my old pictures and come across a comment by someone. I click on them and remember they know someone I am no longer connected with and wondering what that person is up to these days I click on them also.

Up pops an image of this person with a new baby. I immediately go to write 'Congratulations' as I am over the moon to see he and his wife have had a child (I am aware it would have been a long road for them to get there) but I can't write anything as we are not FB friends.

I don't want to ask to be friends as that time has passed and the reason we are not is history not related to me directly, just an old workmate of my husbands that I knew I would never see again so unfriended. His wife is no longer on FB but I had also unfriended her and she didn't like it. There was never any malice in it just lack of time in my life for everyone.

I now want to say Congratulations because I am over the moon for them but do I message them? find their address via someone and send a card? Leave them be and not remind them of some random time they got unfriended and didn't like it?

What would you do? 


  1. I think I would just leave a comment and leave it at that. You are genuinely happy for them and that can means so much or nothing at all. If you are feeling these thoughts, it just makes me think you should just follow your instincts and leave it at that. V x

  2. Shes' not on FB anymore, she probably lacked the time too and would understand your position at the time better now. If you feel like congratulating them, do it. Worst case scenario, you don't hear back. But it's nice to reach out.

  3. Just send them a pm on fb (techno challenged me asks you can do that can't you?). Chances are she may have grown and moved on. Anyhow as my mum said to me the other day, "You are responsible for how you send a message but you can not control nor are you responsible for how your message is received"

  4. Very tricky, but what have you got to lose by saying congrats? I'd just say it and leave it be.

  5. Do you know her address?

    I'd post a thoughtful something to her :)


  6. I would send them a message on FB even if they arent friends. If they are private, see if you can get an address and send a nice card and note xx


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