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Mexico.. The Final Stop.

Sorry I took a while to come back to the end of my holiday.. work is so busy between DTLL and TCL and then with the kiddlywinx back to school it has been a tad frenetic but oh so much fun.. next week I promise myself I will find my groove.

Do you constantly make promises to yourself that you know are lies before you start? AND no one else knows you are telling them but you? Nutso I tell you, nut.. so!

Anyway, Mexico. WOW.

We stayed at an all inclusive resort in Tulum called Dreams and it was fab.
The staff were fab, the rooms were lovely.
Kids club was 8am - 10pm so you would assume I never saw my kids but not so, they didn't find it that engaging and to be honest they just wanted to hit the pool ALL day long that we had no reason to send them.

They had a decent gym (Pilates Reformer Machines included.. I was in heaven)
The spa was amazeballs I was told by all my relatives (it was a bit to expensive for Marcus and I)
Food was brilliant in the buffet area (really great selection and freshly cooked) whilst just good in all the other areas, we found they claimed to be amazing at Japanese etc but coming from a country that has such fresh sashimi and amazing knife skills at the local fishmonger let alone restaurant we were not so swayed :)

We mainly just spent time as a family hanging out as we had come together as 23 people from 3 countries (UK, Aus and US) and for some of us it had been over 6 years since we had seen each other..

We went to Tulum Ruins and learnt all about the Mayans from the most amazing tour guide called Ceasar who also took us to Coba where we climbed to the top with the kids. 100% if you ever go there for tours seek out Ceasar he was a full Mayan descendant and his passion showed, his storytelling was enthralling and his command of the English Language was superb. He rounded off our tour with a little speech he spoke in Mayan and it had me in tears. I had no idea what he was saying but I could feel his pride and it had me in goose bumps in the most beautiful way.

Christmas was spent by the pool with my other Mrs.W's and  one soon to be with no doubt our gorgeous Rachel to follow in a year or so..

Harrington celebrated his birthday whilst we were away so we went swimming with turtles that day and diving in the local ceynotes (natural forming underwater caves). Between those outings, beach combing with the kids and early morning runs with my man that was our holiday on enjoy, sleep, repeat.

We had an adults only night out in Tulum at a club called CocoBongo which was a total experience.. awesome club music, waiters to your tables and a whole evening of themed stage shows with dancers and acrobats. We were set on the fact we would bail by 1am as we had a massive days with the kids and knew they would be up at 6 again but we stayed until close at 4am and got back to the hotel for 1 hours sleep before the kids came in for snuggles and to wake us again.. I put it down to the entertainment as it broke up the night and stopped gave me chance to re charge my dancing feet!

Our last night was New Years Eve and we had the kids up dancing until they dropped.  Kitty lasted the whole night and came to bed with Marcus and I it was so European to me having the kids involved and I loved it as it reminded me of my childhood Christmas's that I spent in Spain.

We came together for Christmas and New Year as The White Family but there was a much bigger celebration going on that was my father in laws 70th and our family picture on New Years Eve just sums up the love and energy that this family have for each other. They epitomise my favourite saying to my kids #familyiseverything

We are back to the UK in June for the wedding of Chris and Laura (the tallest duo in the back row) and I cant wait to have all this group together again AND my side of the family around too.. I only add 3 to the mix but they are a very special 3 to me :)

Have you done Mexico? Are you planning too? Don't go for the markets thats for sure as we have all that stuff here but for the people, culture and the place.. get on that plane!


  1. What a wonderful idea on how to bring families from three continents together! Love the extended family pics:)

  2. Love love love seeing all your pics hun. I so want to go to Mexico now. Umm DTLL conference? lol xx


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