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My 5 Favourites..

I was asked the other month to share my 5 favourite things by the gorgeous Malinda and it was such a delight to really have a think about what makes my day, things that create shine in my life and quite simply the things that make me smile..

I had such a lovely time writing it I thought I would share it here.

1. Family - 

My Family are my be all and end all and that sentiment extends to my very close group of girlfriends that I also consider family. I have a small family on my side and they are all in the UK. My husband has a huge family that are spread around the globe so that has meant my husband and I are a very tight unit with our rugrats (and our dog).
They motivate me to be a better person, to be a good role model and to show teach them to follow their dreams

2.  Where I live -

I love my house and I love our neighbourhood, my house is filled with memories and is truly a space we have created as a family so I adore hanging out there. Our local shops are fab, my neighbours rock, school is close and is a gorgeous community and to top that off I have beaches in every direction with a 10 minute turnaround 

3. Exercise-

I met my husband at the gym so exercise is a shared passion, we are both very sporty and the kids are proving to be following suit. I have raced 3 Ironman Races, 2 Ultra-marathons and a couple of Marathons so exercise is something I adore and quite frankly need in my life. These days I am a little more sedate and whilst I still train 5 days a week I do Japanese Yoga and Pilates Reformer missed in to be a little kinder to my joints!!
That said I am planning to race a Marathon this year for the first time since having the kids

4. Work-

I am lucky enough to have two businesses, Down that Little Lane and The Cult List. DTLL is still a very family run business and I work my socks of beside two of my favourite women in Cherie and Sonia. I might be the boss but I liaise with those girls daily and we are a little dream team that get kicks out of helping our stores go from being sometimes unknown to well respected within the industry. The Cult List is a new brand I am Partner in with one of my best friends Kate.
Both brands make me so proud in different ways and both brands have me honestly saying I do love my job

5. Flowers-

We have to love something materialistic in life and I could say shoes or handbags but truly my toss up was between Chocolate and Flowers.. I could think of adequate substitutes for chocolate but not for flowers so they got my last vote.
I love simply greenery, succulents, wild flowers or even herbs. A single bud in a vase can raise a smile on my face so its not about abundance or expense just simple beauty of nature

What would your 5 favourite things be? 


  1. hubby, kids, home, summer, wine.

  2. Loved that post - mine fave five would be hubster, running, baking, blogging and living in Sydney.

  3. Thanks for being such an awesome guest xxx

  4. My pleasure.. I like to link back to say Thank you a while after just 'cos it is nice :)


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