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Seller in the Spotlight : LoveJoyCreate

This store has that name and creates just that.. all the items are hand made by the designer herself which is something I find always results in fabulous quality..

I love that these designs are modern and suitable for adults but still have a bit of fun about them. I prefer to buy items I feel I won't want to get rid off in the future.. I have a thing about storage and the baskets are quite delectable, perfect for a kids room but then adaptable so Mum can steal them..


I rather love a cushion but a cushion with character tops that and a cushion with character AND a fab message is just the cherry on the cake..

cushion 2 cushion

Now I never like to play favourites but this one has really caught my eye and is being added to basket as we speak...


Do you have much couch candy? weakness for baskets or am I alone? 

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