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The conflict of captivity..

There were a few things I battled with whilst travelling, you know the things that you don't think about much in day to day life but when you come across them when not so busy it gets you thinking?

My first was the homeless but that is for another day.. the one I wanted to talk about today came in San Diego with our visit to Seaworld..

I wrote on Instagram.. Went to see Shamu at Seaworld today.. It's like a constant fight with your inner thoughts.. How amazing to see these beautiful animals close up but longing to let them free.

Seaworld had signs saying that different whales have different dorsal fins and that some stay floppy all their life but I have read their dorsal fins indicate their mood and that a depressed whale will have a droopy fin.. Shamu has that :(

When you see the show I have to say the whales look to be having fun and they get awesome rewards of course but the in between times? that tank is tiny for the size they are and living in groundhog day however many sweet treats you gave me would get on my nerves. 

There are lots that take the view they are being protected from being slaughtered and becoming extinct yet the Shamu show has a whole film piece about how Shamu being born was a miracle and that it is not often they are born in captivity so surely exactly that is why they should not be there? 

I did find it astonishing to see them only glass width away, to see their amazing size yet graceful actions and just to take in such rare creatures up close but if I thought for one second they hated their life I would prefer to see them on National Discovery Channel.

We came home and watched Free Willy with the kids and they were horrified that it might be how Shamu and his compadres were feeling.

I have been told to watch Blackfish but I think I will have to wait.

I truly am conflicted, I love that I can teach my children about the wonders of the world by going to Aquariums and Zoos but as I can hardly stand a whole weekend indoors thanks to cabin fever it kills me to think these animals may feel like that 24/7.

How do you feel? Have you watched Blackfish?


  1. It's a really hard one, we go to the zoo and some of the exhibits, especially the newer ones don't bother me as they seem to have a lot better handle on what the animals need to be happy. But larger animals like the lions pacing in their cages is just awful.
    It's a privilege to get to see them up close but probably not right all the same.

  2. I agree, I think it will change with time but it is a very slow process :(

  3. Thank you for raising this. I remember hearing an amazing interview with the guy who used to train 'Flipper' a long time ago and he spoke about the depression the dolphins went into. I can't remember the exact details but he was arrested for breaking in and releasing the dolphins (I think). But it is more complicated than that because seeing the animals up close and in films does open our eyes to their plight and hopefully inspire compassion and motivation to help the ones in the wild x

  4. Good on him.. I would be that person I am sure x

  5. I haven;t seen Blackfish, or heard of it, so am off to look it up. But I do know how you feel. It is amazing to see these animals up close, but you do feel sorry for them.


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