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We are thinking Workshops.. what about you?

Down that Little Lane has surprised me over the last few years and in a good way.

When I launched it in Nov 2011 I had many hopes and dreams. Of course I needed it to bring in a revenue and a wage for me, it does the first and one day it will the later but the main thing I wanted was for it to truly be seen as a gathering of amazing stores and to have true support from the community that follow them and us on social media etc.

I could certainly be earning a wage better if we charged more commission, had our stores pay $500 an FB shout out etc etc but that is not what we are about and one of the things that has surprised me is how much I care about our sellers being able to support them as they do us.

We have been looking for other avenues to further connect and support our creatives and are thinking about co ordinating some workshops.. 3 hrs to learn a craft have a chatter with other kindred spirits and meet one of our gorgeous artists or designers. I would cater you with refreshments and then send you on your merry way with a little DTLL Goodie Bag..

What do you think? How far would you travel? What would you like to do? Any stores you would love to meet? Would you prefer weekdays or weekends? 


  1. I love the idea of workshops. Count me in! x

  2. Would love to, I'm on the Gold Coast. I wouldn't travel interstate, but locally YES! :)

  3. What about online for those who cannot travel? I would love to go to any in Brisbane.

  4. What a gorgeous idea. Vote for GC.


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