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Weekend Rewind - Batting for another team..

I think it is fabulous in life to have differences in opinion.
I welcome others opinions on a matter I voice an issue with.
I have learnt a lot and adjusted my views in many areas thanks to others input.
I no longer always think my way or the highway (well don't tell my kids that)
Life can be enriched by people talking and sharing.

The part I don't agree with is individuals passing judgement on someone who has a different opinion to them.

We recently had a huge thread build up on Facebook about the 8 year old images of Glen McGrath hunting. There was nothing hugely negative against me (apart from one woman that proclaimed that everyone should be appalled that DTLL didn't give more than 10%.. um I only make 10% so that was us giving everything we could for the month - Thanks lady).

I had lots of people remind me that regardless of what the ambassador had done either rightly or wrongly that the charity was still amazing and my money had gone to a great place (and I adjusted my views, yay!)

The part that got me was the people that were pro hunting vs anti hunting.. they got vicious with each other, they called each other names and well it just seemed ridiculous that they couldn't allow someone to see the world a different way.

Thanks to Dexter I walk each day with this fab man that became a stay at home Dad 8 years ago or so. He of course views the world of parenting from the male perspective and sheds the funniest of visions on scenarios I describe.. He is not judgemental just states the 'blokes' version we both guffaw and keep walking.

I have been reading a forum 'that should not be named' regarding bloggers this week and I am just so disgusted that it even exists. Why would anyone want to be part of a community dedicated to hating on other people, a place where they make up stories and cast opinions about people they have never met.

It reminds me of being at school.. I excelled at certain things so there were people that went out of their way to make sure any of my weak spots were screamed from the roof tops.. JUST to make me miserable..

I guess what I am trying to say is regardless of your gender, race, situation or views there is nothing wrong with batting for another team and by all means cheer for that team. Just don't go telling the other team they are worthless, that they don't belong because they are not in your team. Shit you could EVEN cheer for them too (just not as loud as you do for your team of course).

Do you think people are more openly rude on line because they are hidden? Surely these people wouldn't say those things to your face? Is it just going to get worse? 

I am honoured to say I am joining the 4 of my fave girls this week, Bron from Maxabella Loves, Sonia from Life Love Hiccups, Kelly from A Life Less Frantic and Sonia from Sonia Styling to guest host one of my all time favourite link up parties the Weekend Rewind.

The Weekend Rewind is a weekly linky party. It kicks off every Friday from 8pm, when you can link your fave post of the week with any of these lovely ladies, and for this week only you can link up here as well. It doesn’t matter where you link up, you’ll show up on all five blogs as if by magic! Like any good party, it’s an all weekend affair and it’s a wonderful opportunity to catch up with your best loved blogs and find some new ones to follow!


  1. So so agree. There is nothing wrong with an opinion but hating on someone for their opinion I'll never understand.
    I love how everyone want to be an individual but only if that means we have the same opinion, same likes and same views... Hmm doesn't sound much like individualism to me.

  2. Wholeheartedly agree. I remember being told a very long time ago that one should not need to point out fault in someone else or their view to elevate their own. If you have to do that, it only devalues you and what you have to say. Just be kind.

  3. First up - woop for being a co-host! And I agree, by all means believe in something and be passionate about it but there is no need to degrade others for their beliefs. That is just mean.

  4. God knows you know how I feel about all of this. Hows that elephant - still sitting on your head? A couple of G&Ts has made mine shift a bit ;) xx

  5. Your story about school brought back very similar memories for me. A couple of people who said or did things to make me miserable from that time have since apologised. They said a lack of maturity had a lot to do with it. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, and that's healthy, but there's no need to be a douchebag. I'd like to think that it's not going to get worse but I fear that's just me looking through rose coloured glasses. What can we do? Kill them with kindness I say!

  6. So I just went over "there" and had a read. I just find the way that the people on there justify their "criticism" as a valid part of blogging super narcissistic of them which is ironic when many of them spend time saying that bloggers are narcissists.

    They say that they only want bloggers to improve / be accountable, but clearly revel in taking people down and then putting the blame on the person they've been nasty to.

    True critiquing that other creative industries have to deal with is no excuse for deliberately being cruel to others, and it certainly doesn't get to the personal level that they do. Maybe they need to take a really deep not defensive look at themselves and ask why they think dragging others down makes them better. It often feels like they do their best to push the bloggers that are softer and aren't going to give them some of their own back.

  7. Found you Tessa! I looked for your blog on Friday night but links just took me to your shop. Here I am now though. First up - gotta say how much I LOVE DTLL!! I purchased the cutest little bowls as a gift for my sister one time and there are many things on my wish list for myself. Next - woohoo to you for being Weekend Rewind guest host this week!! And third - well I just LOVE that quote at the top of your post. For most of my life I was what the world expected to me and now I am focusssing on working out what 'I' want to be. I gave up my career (which made me miserable) to do so! I do not understand why humans hate on other humans. I have seen so much horrid stuff on the web and social media and it is so sad. Kindness and compassion wins hands down! xo

  8. The world is made of people sitting on other sides of fences. Be it politics, football teams, parenting tactics, tattoos, religions, and these days even the damn food you choose to eat. All you can do is surround yourself with the people who are happy to remain calm and considerate when discussing things and roll your eyes at the rest.

  9. I too have learned so much from gentle discussions with those who have differing views to me. And I too have changed my thoughts on things over time. But never do I respond well to someone trying to convert me to their point of view by abusing me!!

  10. Ahh yes, I really don't understand the world we are in now. Back at high school I was on the debating team (for sport no less #nerd) and I always thought it was interesting that there were these two opposing teams that just kept arguing the same point of view regardless of what was said. I often, as the third speaker, would get up and somewhat agree with the opposing team on certain points before slamming them on others. Depending on the adjudicator I would either do very well with this tactic or it would lose me points.

    Years of acting training taught me to get into the head of characters who were complete opposites to me. Even the most despicable acts can usually be justified by the person doing them... in their own head at least. I played Lady MacBeth for a 7 month tour- everything she does in that play I 'understood' was as a result of losing her only child- the need for power, control, revenge. I don't agree with her but that's how I made her journey work for me. I think we can't ever really take a situation and judge it in isolation.

    I don't agree with hunting but heaps of people do it, it's legal in some countries and I'm not entirely certain I wouldn't do something quite odd and without conscience if I had spent the last 5 years of my life helplessly watching my love die.

    I think that people are too attached to being 'right'- the blue/black/white/gold dress thing has only reinforced this. Understanding, and the ability to see outside of our own little world are much more important skills.

    Also, I think 10% of profit is a huge, wonderful and very generous donation.
    N x

  11. Thanks for saying so re the 10% :) and yep acting training would definitely teach you to view things very differently...

  12. So true, anyone who starts to force me to do anything is guaranteed I will never do it!!

  13. So well said.. nail on the head :)

  14. Oh Thank you :).. Kindness and Compassion makes you and those around you better people so its a win, win.. shame not everyone gets it :)

  15. Touche Lila, Most people would be wise to learn to take criticism but personal attacks are just NOT ok

  16. I kill people with kindness each and every day.. I quite enjoy it x

  17. Elephant had departed but that bus just keeps crashing into me each morning as I rise :)

  18. 100%.. it seems so simple I just don't get why people do otherwise x

  19. Love that.. I shared a similar quote on The Cult List Instagram only yesterday

  20. There is something about the online world that has changed peoples attitudes.. I am sure x

  21. I just don't get how people can put so much energy into bad, when they can gain so much from sharing the good. I've always thought that you get back what you give out, and we use that as our "religion" for teaching our daughter.

    Your donations, both monetary and emotional are fabulous, Tessa x

  22. Oh I'm so happy you're a guest host! I just think if everyone put as much energy into supporting each other as they do into hating each other, what a wonderful world this would be.

  23. We are very much the same in our family Lisa.. my daughter really gets it.. my son is getting there :)

  24. So true and it would take less effort too as it is so easy AND enjoyable to be nice !!

  25. Well, you know where I stand :)

    The good thing is that there is SO much good that trumps all of the bad on the internet. Regularly.

    HOWEVER, when you work in social media full-time, you do get exposed to a LOT of the sh*t.

    I'm so glad you have those morning walks with little Dex, & that awesome SAHD.

    I have a fortnightly park play date with a group of work-from-home Dads (the Mums version was too bitchy, haha!), & they make me laugh until I cry when we break down regular female bullsh*t together.

    Love the male perspective on a lot.

    That "place that shall not be named" is the "C U Next Tuesday" of the internet.

    Big love. x x x

  26. That it is.. totally and boys are very grounding thats for sure x


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